Thursday, October 22, 2020

Seventh-Day Adventists, Public School Funding and a Gay Parent

Micah emails:

It is with a heavy heart that I share this one. I believe this will become a national story and I am surprised it hasn't already. Please do not use my name if you post it. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts.

RW response:

First here is some of the background from the article:
Steven Arauz was viewed as a model foster and adoptive parent, a single dad who gave talks to foster-parenting classes and urged others at his Seventh-day Adventist church to help needy children, too.

Four years ago, the statewide Adventist organization put Arauz, a sixth-grade teacher at one of its Central Florida schools, and his newly adopted son on the cover of its magazine...

But on June 23, after Arauz did an interview for the online magazine Gays With Kids — an interview he hoped would help more children in Florida’s foster system find good homes — the school fired him...

Joe Saunders, senior political director of the statewide LGBTQ civil rights organization Equality Florida, said Arauz’s firing underscores the need to ban discrimination at private schools receiving vouchers.

“Our position is that if you are a private school in Florida, you should not be discriminating against LGBTQ faculty or staff, and you shouldn’t be denying assets of the school to LGBTQ students,” he said. “But particularly if you are a voucher-funded school that is receiving public education dollars, you have an obligation to make sure that you’re open for all.”

From a libertarian perspective, this is an easy one.

Any private school should be allowed to hire or fire (if the contract allows) any employee for any reason or no reason.

Government is always about blunt instrument regulations that force private individuals to act in ways they don't want. Government should stay out of private sector schooling and, of course, government should stay out of funding schools in any way. 



  1. This is an easy one for the courts, should the teacher sue. Under the ministerial exception, church schools can hire and fire without the government reviewing their decisions. This was affirmed in June by SCOTUS 7-2 in a couple of cases from the Ninth Circuit involving former parochial school teachers.

  2. Much ado about nothing.

    What is interesting to me is this Danish mask RCT study with 6000 participants, testing the effectiveness of masks stopping the spread of coronadoom. So far, the lancet, jama, and nejm have all refused to publish it.

    Now, it could be, that the study is flawed. It could be. But we all know that even a flawed study that showed masks are effective would get published immediately. The lancet published and had to retract a study on myocarditis and covid where the math was laughed out of the twitter room. They also published an infamous hcq study showing its harms where the data for the study did not even exist.

    So yea, regardless of the flaws in this RCT, we can be sure of what its conclusions are by their refusal to publish it.

    David B.

    1. The CDC did a study as well and found that 85% of those in the study that got coronadoom reported always or often wearing a mask.

    2. Self-reported data is the bane of physiologial, medical, nutritional, and behavioral research. It is less than useless. And yet, they still rely on it. Not defending the CDC or the intuitive position that the "study" was probably right on, it's just that if I was trying to refute it, that's the route I'd go.

    3. Self-reporting certainly has it's drawbacks, but is far from useless. One of the first things a doctor does with a patient is takes a history (self reported). My point was to corroborate what other studies and common sense already tell us: cloth and surgical masks used in the manner they are being used are not effective at stopping the spread of coronavirus.

      Not sure why we're having a mask discussion under an article about freedom of religion or lack there of.

  3. The world is quickly being overwhelmed by subjective reality. It will end the species eventually.