Thursday, October 8, 2020

Reddit Censors The Great Barrington Declaration


This is how anti-free speech and anti-debate the radical left of Lenin Valley has become.

Recently, three top epidemiologists,  Harvard Professor Dr. Martin Kulldorff, Oxford Professor Dr. Sunetra Gupta, and Stanford Professor Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, called for a new approach to COVID-19.

The approach appears entirely sound. They argue for protecting the elderly and others who might be vulnerable to the virus, and allow the rest of the population to acquire herd immunity.

Their policy perspective was put into written word in what is now known as The Great Barrington Declaration.

It reads in part:

The most compassionate approach that balances the risks and benefits of reaching herd immunity, is to allow those who are at minimal risk of death to live their lives normally to build up immunity to the virus through natural infection, while better protecting those who are at highest risk. We call this Focused Protection.

 Ethan Yang notes:

Such a policy is grounded in the traditional response to pandemics emulated by countries such as Sweden rather than the experimental lockdown approach that has characterized much of the world’s response to Covid-19. It takes a more realistic approach to the pandemic, understanding that there are certain tradeoffs that must be weighed and affirms the necessity of preserving to the best extent possible the normal functioning of society.

So how did Reddit moderators react to the Declaration,  which now has over 25,000 signatures including thousands from other public health experts?

They removed the content linking to the Declaration.

The justification was lame.

The explanation given from the moderators of r/COVID19 was:

Posts and, where appropriate, comments must link to a primary scientific source: peer-reviewed original research, pre-prints from established servers, and research or reports by governments and other reputable organisations. Please do not link to YouTube or Twitter.

News stories and secondary or tertiary reports about original research are a better fit for r/Coronavirus.

But when it was posted a  r/Coronavirus. It was rejected with even more bizarre reasoning: 

Content must not be spam or be promotional in nature. Spamming the same or very similar posts or comments, as well as self-promotion of any kind will likely lead to a ban. Scams will be reported to authorities.

Bottom line: Lefties are all about gaining power and are opposed to open debate or discussion. They will advance their goal of gaining power "by any means necessary." Truth and decency have no place in their world. They are extremely dangerous.



  1. This is why libertarians must work with the right to crush the leftist threat. Destroying the left must be priority number one for libertarians. These soulless monsters want to snuff out all human freedom and will do it unless they are stopped quickly.

  2. So now the All Knowing Robert Wenzel should decide what gets published on Reddit, a private site that he does not own? What happened to inviolate property rights? **crickets**

    1. You seem confused. I don't believe RW has the power to change Reddit's editorial policy. He does fortunately have the ability to critique it. Which is what he is doing.

    2. Libertarians are consumers and members of society just like everyone else, and, in those capacities, can legitimately criticize products supplied by private companies. The implication of your comment is that I should never call customer service, return faulty merchandise, change service providers, etc.

    3. What I find amusing is that RW criticizes another website for engaging in the exact kind of censorship that he does.

  3. Go spend some time reading through /r/politics and you will gain a much better understanding of the reddit hive mind.

  4. Reddit is insanely leftist, outside of a handful of subreddits including:



  5. Keith Preston once described the true ideology of the modern left as "Totalitarian humanism". I think he was right. Part of "TH" is a claimed "faith" in science.

    Even 'moderate' left liberals - like to think of themselves as 'rational' and 'scientific'. Or, at least, as "more scientific than thou". This is what some thinkers have called "Scientism" - elevating Science - with a capital S - to the same position as the "One True Religion" (all caps) is under a theocratic system. Of course there can never be "One True Science" - the whole idea is self contradictory. However despite this - these so-called "lovers of Science" insist on (mis)treating (abusing) what they claim to love this way.

    1. There's nothing humanist in the Left version of "humanism". It's either religion of Gaia (on the green/AGW side) which holds that majority of humans should be exterminated or socialist death cult (on the Marxist/BLM/Antifa side) which holds that people who decline participation in the collectivist Borg should be exterminated in death camps.