Sunday, October 4, 2020

Most New Jersey Mail-In Ballots Are Fraudulent


Professor Murray Sabrin emails:

I received my mail-in ballot and above is the information a voter must fill in, which includes certifying the statement "that I am the person who applied for the enclosed ballot".  I did not request the mail-in ballot.  In other words, if a voter sends in a mail-in ballot who did not request it he/she has committed voter fraud.  Thus, how will the Attorney General enforce the state's election law?  Will the mail-in ballots be "quarantined" until election officials certify that voters requested their mail-in ballots?  Will someone file a lawsuit challenging the results of the election because the mail-in ballots have not been certified?  In short, we are headed for a chaotic election courtesy of Murphy and other governors.  They will regret their dictatorial actions and will have no one to blame but themselves.     



  1. "They will regret their dictatorial actions..."

    No they won't. Why would they? No one will ever hold them accountable, least of all in NJ.

  2. The Democrats are counting on most mail in voting to be fraudulent. That is their strategy to win. And as @Sicon points out, no one will be held accountable. It's a win-win for the Democrats.

  3. I have to disagree, completely, that they will regret their dictatorial actions. Why? In America? Since when have US government officials regretted being little dictators? Who’s being held on crimes against humanity for forcing old folks homes to take sick people in? Who’s been punished for completely violating the constitution the last 7 months at any state or federal level? Heck Michigan’s Supreme Court found the governors “dictatorial actions” unconstitutional and she gave the court the middle finger, and nothing has changed, outside of the attorney general of the state saying they won’t prosecute violations of some of the unconstitutional mandates.
    I’m not seeing any Mussolini endings here.
    The government, at all levels, can do whatever they want whenever they want with zero repercussions. Voter fraud in my opinion is the very least of their crimes.

  4. Mail-in is voter fraud. All of it is.