Monday, October 12, 2020

Look at Sweden Please!

 This is what is going down in Sweden right now.

It is the tiny part of the world that is sane---at least as far as dealing with COVID-19, which is not a life-threatening disease for all except the extreme elderly. -RW


  1. This must put the Democrats in a real pickle, since for so long they have insisted that Sweden is the model that we should follow. We don't hear that so much these days.

  2. We should also look at how Sweden has become the rape capital of Europe since they opened their borders to the third world.

  3. Based on the politics in Sweden, I'd never anticipate that they'd handle the virus with such dignity. I'm pleasantly surprised.

  4. I wasn't the first one on the look at Sweden train, but I wrote this to you on Aug 24th:

    Sweden is the most important country in the world right now.

    We were locked down on the premise of saving lives. Not just a few lives, either. Hundreds of thousands. Millions. Would you have agreed to 5 months of restrictions and lock downs for a few thousand lives saved? Not if you understood trade offs. Not if you understood that more people would die of increased suicides, drug overdoses, untreated health ailments, etc. Only a fool would make that trade off.

    But we are told the lock downs saved lives. Computer models predicted millions of deaths (2.2 million here in America), and now it can be conveniently pointed out that since we didn't have millions of deaths, the lock downs must be the reason.

    Enter Sweden.

    Sweden was predicted to suffer between 81,000 - 96,000 deaths by July 1st because of their refusal to enforce a mandatory lock down.
    Well, if it's true that lock downs save lives, not locking down must lead to lost lives.

    This is why it's so important for the Western media and Western state powers to discredit Sweden's approach based on anything except the actual predictions about their death count.

    That doesn't mean Sweden's approach was perfect. It simply means that you were locked down over a foolish reliance on incompetent computer modelers.

    Once you understand this, you will never support lock downs again. And you will insist upon protecting the vulnerable but otherwise completely reopening America.

    Estimated deaths in Sweden by July 1 with no mitigation: 96,000

    Estimated deaths in Sweden by July 1 with some voluntary mitigation: 96,000 – 15% = 81,600

    Estimated deaths in Sweden by July 1 with lock down: 96,000 – 50% = 48,000


    Author’s names and positions:
    Jasmine Gardner, PhD, Post-doc in Structural Biology
    Lander Willem, PhD, Post-doc in Infectious Disease Modelling
    Wouter Van Der Wijngaart, PhD, Professor in Engineering
    Shina Caroline Lynn Kamerlin, PhD, Professor of Structural Biology
    Nele Brusselaers, MD MSc PhD, Associate Professor in Clinical Epidemiology
    Peter Kasson, MD PhD, Associate Professor of Cell and Molecular Biology

    These are all impressive sounding people.

    In their work, they reference Imperial College's Neil Ferguson as their main resource. You may remember Neil as the disgraced epidemiologist whose bug-riddled code produced a forecast of ~2 million deaths in America.

    "We employed an individual agent-based model based on work by Ferguson et al. Individual-based models are increasingly used to model epidemic spread with explicit representation of demographic and spatial factors such as population distribution, workplace data, school data, and mobility."

    You may remember forecasts like this were used to scare you into complying with lock downs.

    Forecasts like this are the reason you are still locked down, and why your Facebook friends insist everyone is going to die if you open back up.

    Pssst, don't tell your Facebook friends that Swedes had near 0% mask use since this entire thing started...

    David B.

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