Monday, October 12, 2020

Judge Amy Coney Barrett: Covid Poser


Amy Coney Barrett is appearing this morning before the Senate judiciary committee on the first day of her Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

What a poser!

She is wearing a mask.

 Barrett was infected with COVID-19 earlier this summer but has since recovered.

She doesn't need a mask, once infected and recovered you are immune from getting re-infected and from spreading the virus.



Barnes weighs in:


  1. Robert, she has to know this, and everyone in the room with her has to know this, so why are both side helping keep the fear going. I would think it would be in Trump’s interest at least to be able to go in the offensive to show the Rona isn’t as bad as they keep telling us.
    Why doesn’t he?
    Are “they all in this together?”
    Is it for the Great Reset we get from various groups and all of them are in on it?
    What’s going on? Or is it numerous actors with numerous agendas? And we are on the losing end in every scenario?

  2. The mask also hides expressions and other tics and tells. It's the perfect outfit for a stressful grilling.

    1. Yeah, and if the questioning gets REALLY stressful, she can always pass out from oxygen deprivation.

  3. Failure to wear a mask is, to snowflakes, equivalent to her having a Glock 9mm on the desk. Imagine all those law students running to safe spaces to cry hysterically!

  4. Another reminder that 2020 will never be forgotten. This will go into the Pantheon of SCOTUS nomination imagery---along with iconic photos and clips of Scalia, Kavanaugh, Bork, Thomas, O'Connor et al---and serve as a jolting reminder of another momentous, consequential pitfall that befell Liberty on the road to ruin.