Thursday, October 15, 2020

Joe Biden Supports 8 Years Olds Being Able To Change Their Gender

 It is like Joe has lost his mind, but his answer is the politically correct answer and SJWs will cheer.



  1. "There are too many African-American trans-genders being murdered..."

    I would like to know what the acceptable number of murders would be.

  2. Whose hair would Joe stroke and necks would Joe nuzzle if all those eight-year old girls changed their gender?

  3. It sounds like a run of the mill lolbertarian position.

    1. How so? True, libertarians wouldn’t advocate murdering them as you just did, but I’m pretty sure libertarianism doesn’t have a platform we all follow for transgenders. In fact we don’t follow. Some agree with it, some don’t. I’m a libertarian, and I think a mother who thinks a child of 8 would even know that he or she was transgender has some serious Mental problems, and will probably give the 8 year old mental problems down the road. Does that change what libertarianism is about, the non aggression principle? Nope. I don’t get you conservatives, so many of you are so scared of everything that comes down the pike, but still think government, a gang of thieves and murderers, has a place to make things right in a society. That’s a bigger laugh than any position libertarianism makes, which is simply don’t initiate violence. Beyond that we all have different opinions on a realm of things.