Monday, October 5, 2020

It Appears President Trump is About to Leave Walter Reed

There are incoming reports that Marine One has been spotted heading toward Walter well as the two decoy helicopters.

It appears President Trump has been, or will soon be, discharged.

Trump is one tough guy.

From CNN:



  1. If any group of people have developed robust immune systems it would be politicians. They are constantly campaigning, glad-handing and meeting new large groups of people.

  2. I like how CNN omits the part about how he claims to be feeling great. They managed to spin this as desperation rather than Trump just being perfectly fine from a mild flu.

    David B.

  3. Yeah sure, Presidents are typically whisked away via helicopter to Walter Reed and provided with a variety of experimental/pre-FDA approved drugs for treatment for "the mild flu."

    1. You are right. For most people under 70, it's not even as deadly as a mild flu.

      For someone of the trump's age and health, a flu that sidelines you for all of one day is rather mild though. The rest of your statement referncing the theatrics of the State are puroseful distractions as you attempt to distort the deadliness of infection.

      David B.

  4. Trump is either tough, or Covid-19 isn't.

  5. Trump probably has some good genetics on his side.