Sunday, October 18, 2020

Is Your Eight-Year-Old Being Turned into a Communist?

 By Thomas DiLorenzo

Well, yes, if his or her school uses certain books on display at Barnes and Nobel Booksellers in the Kids section.

Who Was Fidel Castro?  informs the kids that the brutal, mass-murdering communist totalitarian dictator who destroyed his country as a puppet of the Soviet Union was “A boy who loved sports, especially baseball”; “a lawyer for the poor”; and “the leader of a revolution in Cuba.”  What Catholic School child would not like Castro?  “He’s just like me,” the lads would say, “he liked sports and he helped the poor.”

Who Was Che Guevara? describes Castro’s mass-murdering henchman and enforcer as “A young medical student from Argentina”; “a leader of the Cuban revolution”; and “a man who has become a symbol of youthful rebellion.”  Again, since all youths rebel in one way or another, “he’s just like me,” the kids would say

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RW note:

Parents should pay close attention to any other books that are put in front of their children by the authors of the above mentioned books.

The Castro book was written by Sarah Fabiny, she is also author of "Who Is Gloria Steinem? " and "Who Was Rachel Carson?" among many others

The Guevara was written by Ellen Labrecque, she is also author of "Who Was Maya Angelou?" and "Who Was Winston Churchill?" among many others.

From the Castro book via Amazon:
Fidel! Fidel! Fidel!” Hundreds of thousands of people gathered in the city of Havana, the capital of Cuba, were shouting for Fidel Castro. It was the evening of January 8, 1959. A week earlier, Fidel and his forces had overthrown President Batista and the government of Cuba. The crowds in Havana were waiting for their new leader to speak about his plans for the country. Cubans were ready for the freedom and changes that Fidel had promised them. The Cuban people were ready for a new leader.
Spotlights shone on the stage where Fidel was to speak. Fidel finally stepped up to the microphone. He had a big, bushy beard and was dressed in an army cap and olive-green army fatigues. The crowds cheered even louder when they saw Fidel.
Fidel spoke for two hours. He told everyone listening in Havana, across Cuba, and around the world that he was the new leader of the country. He would bring change to his beloved homeland.
As Fidel ended his speech, several white doves were released. One of the doves landed on Fidel’s shoulder. The crowd went silent. White doves were seen as a sign of peace. Many believed it was a sign from God. They believed that Fidel, who was only thirty-two years old at the time, had been specially chosen to lead Cuba. 


  1. Do a search and look at the author's picture. Of course...

  2. Homeschool. Take your children off the front lines of this war this movement is creating. It’s just ignorant to think you can keep them from all this when the schools see them more per day than you do, and they will be bullied more and more by their teachers to tow the line like the other kids, “we’re all in this together“.
    Think if it in the terms of life and death for your child, and ask not only why did you send them into this, they are there alone without you, with zero protection even though you know what the commie schools are going to cram down their throat. Get them the hell out.

  3. 'Who was Adolph Hitler? A struggling art student. Fond of public speaking. A European traveler.'