Monday, October 26, 2020

Herd Immunity is Not About Killing Grandmothers

Over the weekend, The Wall Street Journal published an interview with two of the authors, physician and economist Jay Bhattacharya and biostatistician Martin Kulldorff , of the Great Barrington Declaration.

I found this exchange on herd immunity enlightening:

We circle back to the idea of herd immunity, which Mr. Kulldorff calls “the most misunderstood term of 2020.” He jokes that use of the term can invite “accusations of mass murder,” and Dr. Bhattacharya laments its frequent “mischaracterization.” The words, he says, are a “technical term that comes out of standard models of epidemic spread.” It is the “end state of any epidemic where some immunity actually happens after infection. It’s a biological fact. It’s not something nefarious or strange.” Many media outlets, he complains, have said that “we’re advocating a herd-immunity strategy. That’s a propaganda term. After all, the lockdown-until-a-vaccine strategy will also end with herd immunity.”

“As an epidemiologist,” says Mr. Kulldorff, “it’s weird and stunning to have this discussion about herd immunity—flockimmunitet in Swedish.” He likens it to gravity: “You wouldn’t have physicists talking about whether we believe in gravity or not. Or two airline pilots saying, ‘Should we use the gravity strategy to get the airplane down on the ground?’ Whatever way they fly that plane—or not fly it—gravity will ensure eventually that the plane is going to hit the ground.”

Also of note from the interview: 

 Lockdown policies...reflect, Dr. Bhattacharya says, a “sort of monomania.” The world “panicked in March, and the focus came to just be on Covid control and nothing else.” People saw pictures from Wuhan, China, and Bergamo, Italy, and concluded that they had to do “something very, very drastic in order to address this drastic thing that’s happening.” There was “an action bias that led to the adoption of lockdowns as a form of contagion itself.”

The China and Italy scenes that  Bhattacharya identifies as the scenes that caused the "action bias"  toward lockdowns are exactly the two points I identified in my podcast episode, Dread Risk Fear And Its Role in the Current COVID-19 Fear, as the events that caused the dread risk fear.



  1. While the public may be stupidly ignorant about herd immunity and what is meant by it, the so called “scientist” and I’d bet most of the government officials who are destroying the world as we know it know all of this very well.
    So why are they continuing down the path of destroying the world as we know it and forcing a new normal on the whole world?
    This can’t be by accident, it’s not coincidence, and it can’t be just to “take out Trump”.
    Is it truly the Great Reset? Is a new world
    order the end game? Usually we say “follow the money” and I wonder if we now should think Follow the power?
    What really going on? I’d like to know what you think, RW, but also the rest of the readers here.
    In fact, I wish the Ron Paul Liberty Report would give us an opinion about it. I’d like to hear Jeff Deist and Lew Rockwell say what their opinions are. Tom Woods?
    There is something very sinister happening right now, and we seem to be beating around the bush. Not that some speculation hasn’t been thrown around. But surely we know more than speculation. Lew’s podcast on what happens after the election was good.
    But it seems to me that we should be, as safely as possible I guess, sounding the alarm on more than inflation and MMT money printing. What seems to be coming is much deeper and sinister than that, not to mention evil.
    So, why are the governments of the world pushing mandates that have nothing to do with protecting us, and in fact have killed many more people than the virus will?
    Does the end of American as we know it happen November 3rd?
    Is it the end of the world as we know it?
    Are we going to start exposing it when it is already going down?
    I live behind a military base. To get to my home, I have to go onto the military installation, show them my base id pass, and drive on a military owned road back to where I live, which is private property, but there is no other access to my property unless I go through base. It’s kind of a unique situation.
    The base has set up long lines of jersey barriers at 2 of the 3 entrances to the base this week. The barriers end where new gates have recently been installed. It looks like these 2 entrances will be closed and double gated. We’ve been told security at the main entrance will be beefed up big time. What is the military preparing for?
    We also have a story that the military here is sending out “patrols” into the Fairbanks community, they say for public relations, making sure soldiers are behaving in town at night.
    Really? Why is the military sending out night patrols into our town all of a sudden?
    Is it coincidence that we just had 2 train loads of L-ATV’s, JLATV’s, and ALPV’s arrive here? Are they arriving in other places in the lower 48? Is the military doing “wellness checks” in communities they are located in? Are they actually looking for antifa factions? We had a bunch of antifa flown into Fairbanks about a month ago. Don’t know if they knew it would be hanging around zero degrees on November 3. Kinda sucks to protest and riot when your feet are numb.
    Robert, what the heck is going on?

  2. Read this acerbic comment somewhere (can't remember where) but it stuck with me: "We are destroying the economy and the futures of our children so granny can live another six months"