Wednesday, October 14, 2020

BOMBSHELL: New York Gov. Cuomo Tells Orthodox Jewish Leaders That Lockdown Policy is Fear Driven Policy

Governor Andrew Cuomo

A shocking audio recording has been released of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo admitting in a conference call with Orthodox Jewish leaders that the recent school lockdowns in Jewish neighborhoods were a blunt instrument, "fear-driven response” that was based on peoples fears.

The clear implication being that the lockdowns are not based on science but the work of wimpy politicians fearful of acting as wise statesmen against the mobs who suffer from dread risk fear. He knows that the lockdowns are an improper blunt instrument.

“I’m 100 percent frank and candid. This is not a highly nuanced, sophisticated response. This is a fear-driven response. You know, this is not a policy being written by a scalpel, this is a policy being cut by a hatchet. It is just very blunt,” he said.

When "the anxiety comes down, we can have a smarter more tailored approach," he continued.

“Your point is right. Why close every school? Why don’t you test the schools and close the ones that have a problem.”

“I can tell you honestly that the fear is too high to do anything other than [close],” he added. 

What a wimp.

Hamodia, the daily newspapers of  Torah Jewry, obtained a full recording of the call.

Here is the stunning key snippet:



  1. Clearly the fear is not too high for the group he is speaking to, so who is he referring to? Probably himself and his fellow politicians and bureaucrats. People this fearful should have no power over others. Vote for NOBODY... Finally a politician you can trust.

    1. My favorite candidate every year no matter what position is up for election, Nobody.

    2. I've been saying for years: It would be best for civilization come election day(s) if nobody votes. Just imagine the message that we would send if the polls are vacant and no ballets are mailed in. Let’s not give these horrible candidates and their lobbyist written bills the satisfaction of us voting for them. By not voting at all it is voting for true change.