Friday, October 23, 2020

Bernie's Socialized Medicine Distortion

Just take a look at this tweet by Bernie Sanders.

It is a typical socialist distortion:

The implication is that under-socialized medicine all would receive quality healthcare which is a total lie.

Trump is a perfect example of what does happen when there is any degree of centralized medicine. Those in power or close to power get the best treatment and the rest get, well, VA hospital treatment.

Or am I missing something and VA patients now get their own private offices in their own private suites? And a staff of doctors running around with the name of the patient they are treating sewed on their medical garb?

What Trump got was the Castro treatment, the best medical treatment a country can offer financed by the people while the people suffer. This is what socialized medicine looks like.



  1. Bernie is just pointing out the quintessential text book version of regulatory monopoly dominance he supports in an industry that thrives on competition.

    Look at many Asian countries where health care is affordable. This is the future of all Illegal lockdown cullings of competition. We are marching to the Up movie world in our life time!

  2. Not only did he get "the castro treatment" he likely didn't have a choice in the matter. Due to the security and other arrangements its doubtful he could have gone to see his NYC (or anywhere else) private doctors oh his own dime even if that was his preference.