Saturday, October 17, 2020

Are the Masses Dumb?

By Robert Wenzel

Some comments made at the post, Is the Government Behind the Social Media Blackout of the Hunter Biden Stories?, can serve as a teaching point.

I am referring to the following:

Here's the problem: There is no "intellectual struggle". The general masses are ignorant and apathetic, while the segment who consider themselves 'informed' will immediately go into cognitive dissonance mode when confronted with even simple problematic facts.


.I have referenced the Idiocracy impact numerous times for years here.

You truly cant debate with stupid. I fully expect socialism of some sort until little Jimmy and Jenny snowflake get their ass handed to them and then it will be simultaneously too late and too little.

Calling the masses ignorant misses the point.

All of us are ignorant about very many things where some small part of the masses on particular points are very knowledgeable.

This is the way of the world. This is why the division of labor works.

The world of political science and also economics are no different except in one key aspect. To most of us, we know, say, that it takes deep understanding to grasp the mathematical concepts embedded in multivariate calculus.

But the world of political science and of economics, in contrast, looks easy, when it is not.

Unfortunately, shallow thinking in these sciences leads most to support various central planning efforts.

As F.A. Hayek put it:

The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design.

It is not that people are lazy. It is in the natural way of things that most can not be deep experts in all things. It is not that they are stupid. It is that political science and economics look deceptively easy to understand when in fact proper understanding requires deep and complex thought.

This is why we see so many support various types of socialism despite the obvious failures of these types of political and economic structures in the past. They fail to grasp the complexity of the failures of their way of thinking and then the emotional-defense part of the brain kicks-in to defend a weak position. On top of this, you have significant mass support (not surprising) to keep the improper thinking popular. Thomas Kuhn has taught us how difficult it is to change established paradigms.

So in the end, it is an intellectual struggle at various levels. It is a battle between top tier thinkers in support of freedom versus the central planners. And as Hayek pointed out, it must also be a battle of the second-hand dealers in ideas who ultimately influence the masses.

The masses are never going to be the deep thinkers. This is not the way of the world BUT it is the masses and their views that will guide the structure of politics and economy because the masses always have the final say. This is why politicians and dictators spend so much time on propaganda. They understand who has the power.

It is the role of the classical liberal intellectual to destroy the shallow thinking central planning supporting intellectuals so that the second-hand dealers in ideas get the message and deliver it in a simple form that the masses can grasp.


  1. I just think that the Marxist have had too much control over the education system for 50 years. They came in thru cultural studies. English departments. Now there are so many of them it’s overwhelming.

    1. Lenin, Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot and Hitler did not come in through English departments.

    2. You are right! Stalin came through seminary.

    3. Wenzel: great! We are safe. Whew!

      Not sure what the mis-understanding is here.

      There are huge quantities of the population that hate capitalism, Think the economy is the Dow Jones industrial average, and believe the government is a savior.

      I doubt I am even a ninth hand dealer. All I am saying is I just don’t see any urgency amongst the masses for anything resembling push back against the growth of the state. There does appear to be much more of a push for critical theory and more socialist policies.

      Sorry. I just don’t have much optimism. Liberty minded people have zero ability to steer the broader narrative at this time. I just don’t see that changing until it is far too late.

  2. The rise of social has compounded a long standing conditioning program that is the public primary education system. The additional variable of a decrease in useable content in the curriculum to meet the test sealed the deal.

    As you RW I have said for a number of years the Idiocracy is alive and thriving. Discernment is dead.

  3. We've also had all that turd world/dirt world immigration that libertardians love so much. Why do you think the left wants more dumbass non-whites coming here? And some of those have education. Bad enough we have the dumbass white shitlib population to contend with most of the time.

    1. Lab Manager, I am not aware of one libertarian position on policy that has been implemented in the US that has led to the demise that America is seeing now. On the other hand, I could go on for days examining policies from the political left and right that have not only sown the seeds for what is happening now, but watered, cultivated and nurtured the contempt for Liberty and free enterprise in America.
      If you know of any libertarian policies that have been implemented and show otherwise, I would gladly like to know of them.

    2. Unrestricted immigration is one libertardian policy that has been nominally implemented since even libertardians believe the leftist stupidity that 'all cultures are equal.'

    3. To say that the current immigration policy of the US is libertarian is a joke, as well as the previous ones before Trump. Maybe there is a still a misunderstanding on your part all this time, of libertarianism?

  4. The Fabian stealth socialism agenda is what we've been facing for decades. More the Mensheviks, not the violent Bolsheviks you cite. And it's far more effective and dangerous because there's no sound of gunfire.

    As for Hitler, for Heaven's sakes, the NSDAP had to form a coalition with the Conservative party in order to govern, despite the Stalinist Communist Party winning so many seats in that 1933 election.