Wednesday, October 14, 2020

A Virologist Speaks: “This Insanity Needs to Stop”

By Becky Akers

LRC’s readers are an erudite bunch. For example, Tom Jelinek earned a doctorate

principally [as] a cancer researcher.  We used adenoviruses to tease apart cellular processes involved in regulating viral replication and cell growth (they shared much in common).  Some of us called ourselves virologists, but our focus was more on the cells they infected and how, not on epidemiology or pathogenesis.  I did however teach undergraduate virology at the time (McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario).  I went on to study the mechanisms of cell signaling at the University of Virginia, and after that, worked in biotech.

Sounds as if he’s far more of an expert on viruses than Fauxchi and the other charlatans leeching off our taxes, right?

Of course, no expert’s credentials are complete until he becomes an author, so the good doctor also wrote Goodbye, Pills & Needles: A Total Re-Think of Type II Diabetes. And a 90-Day Cure after he himself developed the disease. “But instead of turning to medication, he returned to his roots, and began to ask what went wrong, and whether it could be cured by reversing what went wrong. The result was a halving of blood glucose in under a month, and full reversal of diabetes in under three months.”

At any rate, Dr. J responded to Readers to the Rescue! because, as he put it, “This insanity needs to stop.” I found his points so trenchant and free of jargon that I thought all of us as well as Mary could benefit from them:

  • Every year, flu kills tens of thousands of Americans.  In a bad year, a hundred thousand.  Those numbers were developed honestly, unlike the current hysteria.  Incentives to call any death Covid are so ridiculous, a young man who died in a motorcycle crash, and tested positive, was labeled a Covid death.  Challenged on that, officials actually said, “We don’t know that the virus did not cause the crash.”
  • Common cold can be caused by a number of viruses, from rhinovirus, to coronavirus.  So this is hardly the first human coronavirus.  When those viruses get into nursing homes, they regularly kill 10% of the residents; this one is nothing new in that regard.  A large number of nursing home residents have impaired lung function, and use supplemental oxygen at the best of times.  Any virus that inflames the lungs slows the rate of oxygen transfer.  For people who can still take long walks, it’s nothing.  For those already on the edge, it’s deadly.
  • The initial wave of deaths in the United States and Canada was very highly skewed to nursing homes.  At one point, all the deaths in Quebec were in nursing homes.  Andrew Cuomo’s famous executive order forcing nursing homes to take Covid patients was the single deadliest decision.
  • Every year, we get a sudden “flu season” in about November.  It hits everywhere, all at once.  It’s not spread from one locus to everywhere else, suggesting it was already in circulation before, but something changed in November, to make it show up.  Every year in May, the reverse happens.  If we weren’t testing for Covid, we’d have forgotten all about it by now, because it has not been sickening people.
  • The thing that changes is sunshine, and vitamin D.  One study found that of the very sickest people, admitted to hospital with Covid early in the epidemic, those who were deficient for vitamin D died at over 98% rate.  By contrast, those with normal vitamin D died at a 4% rate.  Penicillin didn’t make that big a difference when first discovered, but governments are not telling people to take vitamin D at doses that could actually make a difference.
  • 20 minutes of full sun, in a swim suit, and your body produces 20,000 to 50,000 units of vitamin D (depending on age and other factors).  Compare that to supplements of 1,000 or 2,000 units.  They’re inadequate.  If sick, you need some 50,000 units, at least at a single dose to boost levels, before settling in with less.  You can buy 10,000 unit pills on Amazon.
  • The most logical thing to have done, based on the above, was to get infected in summer, when it’s so much easier to get through it, usually with only minor symptoms, or no symptoms.  Quarantining in summer only ensures that we’re vulnerable in the winter, when it’s actually somewhat dangerous to those in poor health.
  • The early scare that you don’t acquire immunity is nonsense.  You’d never have recovered in the first place if you didn’t acquire immunity.  This virus does not stimulate a big antibody response, but antibodies have never been big factors in fighting respiratory disease.  T-cell immunity has been known since the late 1980s, to do the heavy lifting.  Sweden tested random blood donors for both antibodies to Covid, and T-cell immunity.  30% had T-cells, but only half of those had antibodies.  So don’t get all worried about how long antibodies last.  Your T-cells will be there.

Thanks to Dr. Jelinek and the other heroic scientists disproving the worldwide deception of COVIDCon.

The above originally appeared at LRC.



  1. What he says makes sense. But don't start downing 50,000 units of Vit D when you feel lousy just because some faceless guy online says so. CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR FIRST.

  2. I love Becky Akers. If we had more men that had her courage we could see a different world.