Tuesday, October 13, 2020

A Step in the Direction of COVID-19 Policy Sanity in Alaska

 Joshua Bennett emails from Fairbanks, Alaska:

Robert, Alaska governor Dunleavey finally gave a speech to tell us what a lot have known for some time, that there is no need to fear the virus. He still promotes masks, although there is no mandate for them, but from what I have been told by some in state office they are planning to end all mandates and will under no circumstances go to lockdown mode again. Especially encouraged that he actually says that the flu is more dangerous for kids.


RW response:

Thanks, Joshua.

The governor is not perfect in his comments but I'd take him over Newson, Cuomo, Murphy or Whitmore any day.


  1. Good words from the governor! That there are those who are at "high risk" exist means a "low risk" group also exists; why don't we ever hear about that group? How big is it and who are they?

  2. Nice pic of the northern lights. It’s that time of year again, as in it gets dark now. You can watch them and in just a few minutes you can forget there are trouble in the world, and be completely sober. Never get tired of them.
    Purple pink and red ones are the best.
    Dunleavy has been pretty calm for the most part, considering the medical advisor he had, who was the State’s version of Fauci. The measures they talked about doing, most didn’t happen. And of course none of them were enforced.