Thursday, October 29, 2020

A Lesson for Us All: In Defense of Rudy Giuliani (Part 2)

Rudy Giuliani and Maria Bakalova

 On Sunday, I put up a blog post, In Defense of Rudy Giuliani, where I wrote:

Curiously, there is editing done of the bedroom scene so we don't get to see exactly how Giuliani ended up on his back on the bed. But it is clear, he is not unbuckling his belt or unzipping his zipper. He appears to be doing exactly what he says he was doing, tucking in his shirt after the microphone wire was removed.

Viva Frei has done a brilliant job of analyzing the scene and comes up with two further important points. It appears that the Maria Bakalova line, "Shall we have a drink in the bedroom," was edited in later and she did not say it directly to Giuliani. Further, Viva Frei picked up on the apparent editing of  Bakalova leading Giuliani into the bedroom.

VF also makes a number of observations that I made in my original post. The full VF clip is here (13 minutes and 18 seconds)


Here is Cohen discussing the scene with very misleading comments (3 minutes 17 seconds):


The thing to realize here is that Cohen is a hardcore lefty. He knows what he is doing. 

In addition to pumping up the film, he is trying to smear Giuliani and by extension President Trump---and he is lying and distorting to do it.

I have written this before but it must be kept in mind. Hardcore lefties have no problem with lying or distorting facts. 

For them, it is all about gaining power by any means necessary. As Patrisse Cullors said of herself and her BLM co-founders, "We are trained Marxists." 

By this she means they understand the strategies and tactics of Lenin and Trotsky to gain power and take out useful idiots along the way when they are no longer useful. These people are not playing and it appears that Sacha Baron Cohen is on the operation.



  1. Giuliani is supposed to be an astute politician and prosecutor. Borat is notorious for pulling this kind of stunt on conservatives. The democrats have been relentless in their efforts to destroy Trump.

    Knowing all this why would Giuliani even consider doing this? Did vanity get the best of him?

  2. I guess things are so bad & upside-down that freedom lovers have forgotten (or forgiven??) that Giulini is a treacherous neocon war criminal & 911 cover up artist