Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Will Hispanics Put Trump Over The Top?

 So much for the Hispanic haters who tended to put Hispanics in the same camp as white Lefties and urban primitives.

I wrote in January 2019:

The serious lefties in California are for the most part American-born and educated, white or black. The newly-elected governor of California, Gavin Newsom. is a total lefty. He is in favor of universal healthcare, gun control and, get this, six months paid parental leave...

Newsom is a  is a fourth-generation San Franciscan, attended Redwood High School in the city of Larkspur, California and graduated from Santa Clara University. One of Newsom's maternal great-grandfathers, Thomas Addis, was a pioneer scientist in the field of nephrology and a professor of medicine at Stanford University.

The lefty House Speaker, the California rep, Nancy Pelosi was born in Baltimore. California lefty Senator Kamala Harris was born in Oakland. Her father is Professor of Economics, Emeritus at Stanford University.

Talk to any white person in Los Angeles or San Francisco and odds are you are going to be talking to an American born lefty.

The Hispanic immigrants that I have spoken to keep their heads down and don't talk politics. They want to talk about their families---and the two or three jobs they have, which they are proud of.

And it should be remembered that these people are very culturally conservative and pro-traditional family...

To be sure, they vote with the current trends around them when there is no clear cultural conflict. For the most part, like almost all, they are trend followers but given their work ethic and family values, it is probably much easier to flip them toward liberty then spoiled white kids who are educated in American anti-liberty colleges and universities and never worked a day while they went to school.

Both right wing Hispanic-haters and Democrats have misunderstood Hispanics in thinking that they were a solid lefty voting block. When you attack families and the police, Hispanics are not going to support you.

Elements of the lefty New York Times may have recently discovered this. In today's paper, columnist Thomas B. Edsall writes:

 Latinos, who are key to the outcome in several crucial states — Arizona and Florida, for example — have shown less support for Biden than for past Democratic nominees. Many Hispanic voters seem resistant to any campaign that defines them broadly as “people of color.”...

As Ian Haney López, a law professor at the University of California, Berkeley, and Tory Gavito, a human rights lawyer who is president of Way to Win and the founder of the Texas Future Project, wrote on these pages on Sept. 18:..

Progressives commonly categorize Latinos as people of color, no doubt partly because progressive Latinos see the group that way and encourage others to do so as well. Certainly, we both once took that perspective for granted. Yet in our survey, only one in four Hispanics saw the group as people of color.

In fact, the authors continued, the majority of Hispanics rejected this designation. They preferred to see Hispanics as a group integrating into the American mainstream, one not overly bound by racial constraints but instead able to get ahead through hard work.

Another data point they found “even more sobering”: 

López and Gavito asked eligible voters how “convincing” they found a dog-whistle message lifted from Republican talking points. Among other elements, the message condemned “illegal immigration from places overrun with drugs and criminal gangs” and called for “fully funding the police, so our communities are not threatened by people who refuse to follow our laws.”

As they expected, “almost three out of five white respondents judged that message convincing.”

More disconcerting to López and Gavito, both liberals, was that “exactly the same percentage of African-Americans agreed, as did an even higher percentage of Latinos.”

Latinos are a major segment of the population in a number of key battleground states: Texas, 38.7 percent; Nevada, 29.2 percent and Arizona, 31.7 percent; and they are significant players in North Carolina, 9.8 percent, and Georgia, 9.9 percent. These are all states where their ballots could prove crucial to the outcome...

Lefties are clueless by trying to lump Hispaniocs as "people of color."  When Hispanics think of POC, they think urban primitives. Why would they want to be lumped with them?

And no one has a better read on how to succeed in America starting with nothing than Hispanics. They know the black elitist cry of white privilege is a con. You put your nose to the grindstone and keep it there. Why would Hispanics want to have the money they have earned that way taken away from them to give to people who object to the nuclear family and who want to defund the police?



  1. Democratic Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez may disprove the accuracy of this "data." She represents an Hispanic district and sponsored AB5 in California. It forced Uber and Lyft and others to reclassify their driver/workers from independent contractor to employee destroying the costs savings from their business model. Of course designating some workers employees and some independent contractors is like designating some workers essential and others non-essential. Both are based on arbitrary political power. The government should have no say in the relationship of a worker and their employer. But it appears there are plenty of Hispanics who want big government benefits despite the surveys.

    1. I made clear above that "To be sure, they vote with the current trends around them when there is no clear cultural conflict."

      But let Gonzalez call for ending the nuclear family and see what happens.

      This is where lefties and white Democrats are confused. Hispanics will take handouts if given but no way are they for the anti-family, anti-religion program.

  2. Robert, I have been sayin' this for years and boy, have I gotten grief for it. If you want something done in California, you can bet it'll be done by an Hispanic. I almost said Mexican, but we had some stuff done by some Salvadorans at one time. Just hard working people.

  3. Plenty of brown people work in the oil industry here in Texas in various capacities. Trade jobs like a diesel mechanic and many others pay very well. All Trump has to do is tell Hispanics that Biden and the Democrats want to put them out of work by shutting down what is left of fracking.

    The woman that runs this is very passionate about some things:

    And some Hispanics recognize that some members of the Republican Party are the problem.

  4. If Hispanics voted conservative, wouldn't California be a Red state?

    1. You entirely miss the point.

      Hispanics will vote for handouts but they won't vote for anti-family and defunding the police, this is a new development that will take time for Republicans to take advantage of at the state and local level. It can't be done 9 weeks before the election.

      In swing states, it is being developed at the presidential vote level.

    2. Hispanics are natural conservatives and fentanyl smugglers.