Monday, September 14, 2020

"We Hope They Die"

On Saturday, two Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department deputies were shot in Compton, California, just south of downtown Los Angeles.

It was a cold-blooded hit as the two deputies sat in their police car. Both are in critical condition with wounds to their heads.

Protesters showed up at the hospital where the coppers were being treated, some shouting, "We hope they die."

This is how some witnesses to the shooting responded:

What we are witnessing here is blowback from decades of government intervention to "help" the urban, mostly black, poor. 

It was always a scam. It put the urban poor in government housing that turned into war zones. It provided the children of urban poor dysfunctional "education." It provided aid to unwed urban mothers which provided incentive for fathers to stay away. And to top it off, government instituted high minimum wage laws so the teenage urban with low productive skills had little chance to get that all-important first job.

The result is what this government "help" created, urban primitives. They know they don't have a chance under current conditions. They don't know why but they do know that government plays a role and, for them, coppers are the frontline representation of government. The slick college-educated trained Marxists are taking advantage of this to focus the anger on coppers and the rest of society. 

There is a war out there. It is the government screwed against the government. Along with clueless lefty idiots. Unfortunately, it is the Marxists directing things from behind the curtains, distorting the real reasons for the oppressed urban poor. The Marxist narrative is what needs to be changed, otherwise, the violence will get more intense and the government response will get more intense and we will all get caught in the crossfire which is exactly what the Marxists desire.

They know "the people" at war against each other is how they gain control because they don't have the numbers to do a direct takeover. This is Leninist strategy 101, they have it down cold



  1. Even Lincoln, who was against slavery, said that Blacks and Whites could not live together peacefully.

  2. Lincoln was a politician and his opinions changed with popular sentiment. This is just short-term impulse not a reasoned understanding of human relations. Blacks and whites have and will live together in peace. RW has a good grasp of the situation. Its about using the force and coercion of government to benefit some at the expense of others. Initiating force always leads to dysfunction and impoverishment.