Friday, September 4, 2020

Vicious Attack By the LIBERTARIAN NATIONAL PARTY Against Rand Paul!!

As if we needed more evidence that the Libertarian Party has gone apologist for the violent social justice crowd.

First, we had Libertarian Party presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen pandering to the Marxist "Only Black Lives Matter" movement (See: Jo Jorgensen: Soft on Black Lives Matter and How is This Libertarian?). Now, the National LP sends out a vicious attack twet against Senator Rand Paul in response to the aggressive crowd mob that surrounded him and his wife, Kelly, last week in Washington DC.

The tweet was deleted but not before it was screen saved by some.

Just look at this:

This is positively bizarre. We are in the throes of a battle for Western Civilization and Rand is the most libertarian member in Congres and the National LP has nothing better to do than to attempt to demean him when he faced a dangerous wild crowd.

Note to the National LP: The crowd did not surround him and taunt him because he wasn't libertarian enough, they surrounded him because he is a symbol that there remains at least a bit of rational freedom-loving thinking in the halls of Congress.

This is a disgrace and tells how much the LP has moved away from the basics of the push for liberty and toward siding with the mad socialist-loving crowds.



  1. In an East-German fashion, the LP has become totally subservient to the Democrats.

  2. Every couple weeks they give me another reason not to be a member.
    What a punk. Who put up the tweet? I wonder if he/she/it would be brave enough to take ownership of that tweet? I bet their are too spooked.

  3. I think that was quite clear when Gary Johnson won the nomination

  4. And this is why I call them 'libertardians'.

    Sure we hope one day we can implement 'open borders' and get more folks like this here from the Congo. You know, all cultures being equal and all.

    Lynchings in Congo as penis theft panic hits capital

  5. The halcyon days of the courageous and principled Harry Browne are long gone, unfortunately.

  6. The LP is dead. First it was warmed over republicans and now it is marxists. They are a social club now and have nothing to do with liberty.

  7. The LP now only cares about legalizing marijuana.

  8. In a time preference model, how much is the LP worth time/energy/resources wise just to get them up to speed to be able to explain the philosophy of Liberty and prosperity instead of just taking those resources and going straight to the ones we want to reach. It’s kind of like the US spending $50 billion to train 7 soldiers to fight in Syria only to run out of money and the 7 dudes taking their money and guns and giving it to the enemy!!
    The Libertarian Party is an enemy to Liberty.
    I fart in its general direction.