Tuesday, September 8, 2020

United Nations Secretary General is Signalling the 'Great Reset' is Coming

This should be an alarm bell for us all.

I have written before that under the cover of the COVID-19 panic the World Economic Forum is about to launch the Great Reset (See: BEWARE: The Global Crony Crowd is Going to Use COVID-19 as Cover to Reset the Economy and the World).

Now, António Guterres,  Secretary-General of the United Nations, has sent out a tweet encouraging the Great Reset:

They are going to use the COVID panic and mix it with Social Justice nonsense to attempt to rip up what is left of free markets and free people.

The World Economic Forum Great Reset conference was originally scheduled for January 2021 but has been postponed until the early summer of 2021.

This could be the most dangerous meeting of elites in history. In many ways, it could be comparable to The Constitutional Convention of 1787 but the outcome will have near-global application with much more sinister and anti-freedom goals.



  1. Let me guess: They're all meeting at Jekyll Island---?

  2. Send this to your conservative friends. I have several who will barely talk to me especially if it’s political cause they are “obey the gov god gave us” and I sent the other post on this that Bob wrote, and it got some great discussion going! I’ve already sent this to over 50 people and will send it to more. This is the stuff conservatives will listen to, cause a lot of them believe “they” will try to make a new world order, and real dirt in the fingernails conservative working man/woman are 💯 against it. Opens huge opportunities to talk about liberty too, and it tells them you aren’t as big a nut job as they thought, and maybe they should listen to you more.

  3. That blue box it is written in says this is a COVID-19 response?! That would say to me they aren’t waiting around another 3-5!” Years.

  4. Yeah, they've been threatening the world since 1789. I don't know what the strategy is or how to stop socialism marching across the globe, but it seems to me that lawsuits and challenging any individual enforcing a mandate can at least increase liberty. John Jay Singleton of Florida has got the fight against mask mandates nailed down. http://foodremedies.blogspot.com/2020/09/the-attorneys-job-is-to-manage-risk-for.html?m=1