Thursday, September 3, 2020

This is Who AOC Follows on Twitter

Feminsta Jones

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez follows Feminsta Jones on Twitter.

Jones is the author of Reclaiming Our Space: How Black Feminists Are Changing the World From the Tweets to the Streets.

From the book's blurb:
Jones reveals, some of the best-loved devices of our shared social media language are a result of Black women’s innovations, from well-known movement-building hashtags (#BlackLivesMatter, #SayHerName, and #BlackGirlMagic) to the now ubiquitous use of threaded tweets as a marketing and storytelling tool. For some, these online dialogues provide an introduction to the work of Black feminist icons like Angela Davis, Barbara Smith, bell hooks, and the women of the Combahee River Collective. For others, this discourse provides a platform for continuing their feminist activism and scholarship in a new, interactive way.
AOC is not the only one following FJ as can be seen above she has 173,000 followers.

Here is one of FJ's recent tweet threads (my highlights):
FJ Thee Ugly
Aug 27
 Begging white people to support BLM and related work has diluted the integrity of true revolutionary work. I still don’t get why folks were so focused on getting mainstream support when it only means the inevitable destruction of the movement
Level 2:
White people, no matter how “liberal” or “progressive”, will never endorse revolutionary acts that may jeopardize their children’s lives

As such, they will never fully support a Black liberation revolution by way of violent rebellion

Nope. Nah. Not gonna happen lol

Violence is the only way, of course

No votes. No marching. No spots on cable news. No high fashion magazine cover stories. No hashtags. No panels.

None of that is going to bring about the liberation Black folks deserve.

Level 4:
But folks only understand violence in its eurocentric framing and definition

Same as “liberation”, if we are being honest.

So you hear “violence” and you already have a picture of what it looks like and you’ve been conditioned to reject it out of fear 
Level 5:
What if I told you the violence required is liberating? What if I told you that there is no way for a dislocated, displaced African to truly “live free” without the complete destruction of whiteness’ occupation of space in our minds, bodies, souls, communities, etc?

Level 6:
Whiteness will never fully translate a revolutionary message, so we don’t need anymore magazine spreads, even if the photogs and writers are Black

Level 7:
Whiteness will never nourish us to completion, so we don’t need anymore high-cost galas or dinners or anything involving eating their food to push for liberation and freedom

Level 8:
Whiteness will always seek absolution in “progressive” spaces, so it will portray us as both Black Madonnas and Mammies. Don’t be tricked by the false adoration, though—those are subservient roles, now empowering
Level 9:
Even “anti-racism” centers whiteness in its work and hasn’t divested of the belief that whiteness rules everything

Colonization disrupted African progress and infiltrated African history and we still center it even in our discussions of African liberation!
Level 10:
Y’all notice how popular “Anti-Racism” is now? How many white people are talking about/ consuming it?

LOL of course they do!

It centers them in the work! They don’t feel like outsiders or marginalized people waiting for an invitation to the conversation

They are the topic!

Level 11:
Pro-Black is too scary and always has been

BLM is a Pro-Black stance

The words aren’t hard for folks to paint on streets and hang in their windows

They can’t even truly ACT on it tho bc it centers Black people

Level 12:
They need something to make them feel included and centered in this work, even if the goal is to strip them of their power, they wanna make sure they’re centered all the way up until that point lol

Level 13:
There’s a lot of $$ in the “anti-racism” space these days so look...go get that coin. 

If you gotta rebrand and sprinkle the phrase across your website, please do. Take every dime they’re offering. Reparations and such.

Level 14:
Just make sure you’re not letting any of these Eurocentric notions of freedom fighting and liberation actually influence your ways of thinking. 

White people will never prioritize Black liberation over white lives.

Grinning face with smiling eyes 
(Note: Apparnetly no Level:15)

Level 16:
There is no otherwise. It’s been 400 years. There’s a reason we are still where we are. The Black President was far enough! They gotta make sure we don’t get beyond that.
White supporters of BLM are truly useful idiots--and apparently only very marginally useful "to get that coin."



  1. And I was banned for life from Twitter for saying Hannity is “retarded”?

  2. If blacks are unhappy, they really need to pack up and move elsewhere. Africa is calling. It's clear most of you are stupid for something like the 'Bill of Rights'.

    1. This sort of advice would get you lambasted not so long ago Lab. Funny how rabid socialism is making people like you look moderate.

      As you say, Go if you dont like it.

  3. Smug hostility comes to mind. I bet she's right all the time too.