Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Philadelphia Mayor Seen Dining Indoors While City's Restaurants Can Only Serve Outside

The picture above is of Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney dining indoors in a restaurant in the Chesapeake Bay area of Maryland.

Meanwhile, he is has blocked Philadelphia restaurants from serving indoors.

These guys like Kenney are really sick power freaks.

The picture was taken by restaurateur Marc Vetri and posted on Instagram.

Vetri added this comment to the pic:
Hi @PhillyMayor!!! Glad you're enjoying indoor dining with no social distancing or mask wearing in Maryland tonight while restaurants here in Philly close, suffer and fight for every nickel just to survive.I guess all your press briefings and your narrative of unsafe indoor dining don't apply to you. Thank you for clearing it all up for us tonight.


(ht Andrew Murphy)


  1. Every leftist is a hypocrite, by definition. They all claim that we need to share with "less fortunate", all the way to everybody being equal.

    The world has billions of really poor people. If leftists weren't hypocritical and did indeed live what they preach, they'd give pretty much everything they own away to these billions, and left maybe $20/mo to themselves.

    Since that doesn't happen it follows that every single leftist preaching equality of outcomes is a hypocrite.

    1. Leftists are happy to help the unfortunate to the last penny of your money.