Monday, September 28, 2020

On the Copper Takedown of Brad Parscale

As a follow up to the post, Florida Police Department Releases Video of Physical Takedown of Trump's Former Campaign Manager, Tommy Bateman LPC ( emails:

I've taken people into custody for evaluation under similar circumstances. Why the heck did this get a SWAT-level response, especially after the other officer was engaged verbally with him? They have their own policies, for sure; but it e the first officer engaging with him had it under control. A simple "I'm with him, I'm good. No emergency.' over the radio would have been helpful.

And what's up with the other officers coming in and taking over the encounter, telling Parscale to get to the ground?  The officer speaking for the SWAT guys had no idea what the situation was but just came in ready to escalate to a ground take down. The first officer was already in contact. Extra officers are cover at that point, and allow the first officer to make decisions (regardless of rank). That cluster is likely one reason why we've had bad police encounters.  Too many wanna-be chiefs. This encounter required nothing more than, "hey man, we've gotta take you to the hospital, but unfortunately policy says we have to place cuffs on you and check you for weapons.  Sorry.  You're not in trouble. You're not being arrested."  I've had that exact conversation many times.  None of them said "I didn't do anything wrong!" because me and my companions had the respect to inform them of what was going on.


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  2. The asshole who tackled Parscale executed the one-man equivalent of a no-knock raid, and it was totally uncalled for, unjustifiable, risky (separated shoulder, anyone?),and unprofessional. Parscale was shoeless, shirtless, empty-handed, engaged with the other officer, and generally cooperative. What an idiot.

  3. In Florida Baker Act requires you to be arrested from what I've been told. That's how the handle it where I work and with a situation involving a family member.

    1. Interesting. Arrest requires a crime. In Virginia, the power to cuff and forcibly take people to a place for a mental health assessment is not a criminal issue, but a matter of civil law. So legally it is not an arrest, as they are not going to jail or charged with a crime. Visually it looks like and arrest, but legally it’s not. I wonder if FL is the same. If not, there’s a problem!

      But even still, if it were an actual arrest, I’ve walked people into cuffs with the simple “hey bud, this is the situation. Sucks. So here is the process you can expect....” (and so on). Never had a use of force problem. Rarely got in fights.


  4. Another bored, lunkhead cop, seeking to enliven his day...