Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Now, Be Good Little Boys and Girls and Follow Government Orders...

...even when they don't make any scientific sense.

This is pretty disgusting for kids who have near-zero chance of having any severe consequences from catching COVID-19.

(ht Ajay)


  1. My citation to the report of the Public Health Agency of Sweden (Folkhälsomyndigheten) comparing the impact of Covid-19 on school age children in open-school Sweden vs. locked down school Finland counted as a “Violation of Community Standards” strike by Facebook leading to me being blocked for 30 days. The report says:

    “Severe covid-19 disease as measured in ICU admittance is very rare in both countries in this age group and no deaths were reported. Outbreak investigations in Finland has not shown children to be contributing much in terms of transmission and in Sweden a report comparing risk of covid-19 in different professions, showed no increased risk for teachers. In conclusion, closure or not of schools had no measurable direct impact on the number of laboratory confirmed cases in school-aged children in Finland or Sweden. The negative effects of closing schools must be weighed against the positive indirect effects it might have on the mitigation of the covid-19 pandemic.”

    Apparently, repeating this information is some sort of crime. You would think that Facebook and the government would simply refute the claim with a proper study if they actually believed in what they are claiming.


  2. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end of the public education system. A majority of people do not want their kids to live like that.
    Plus, if it’s so dangerous, why the heck would you send your kid to school hoping a mask saves their life? Make zero sense.

    1. I keep wondering if the current fiasco with kids returning to school will be the beginning of the end of Covid hysteria—when enough people will finally say “Enough!”

      This is sick!! These look like fetish masks, and it’s especially repulsive to see them on children!!

  3. I just throw one of those black garbage bags over their heads. Eye holes? Sure, that's what the ski goggles are for.
    (Insert Saudi joke here).

  4. I wonder if these will be collectibles worth $$$ in 30-40 years...Maybe if I could get Nancy Pelosi to autograph one...

  5. Train them to conform to government edicts at a young age = less trouble when they get older.

  6. Years ago, maskists (among others) were condemning the Taliban in Afghanistan for making women wear face coverings and for destroying historical statues. Ahem, have you seen what's happening in the US lately?

  7. Is that the teacher's urine in her cup?

  8. Perfect for:
    “Musicians playing certain instruments should consider wearing a mask with a small hole in it while they play…”