Friday, September 18, 2020

Marxist BLM Founder Now Also Behind Pro-Chinese Communist Party Organization

Alicia Garza

The Marxist and co-founder of Black Lives Matter, Alicia Garza, is now also affiliated with the advocacy group Black Futures Lab which is partially financed by the Chinese Progressive Association, the Washington Times reports.

The CPA describes itself as working to “build collective power with other oppressed communities to demand better living and working conditions and justice for all people.”

According to the Times, the CPA has been repeatedly praised by the Chinese state-run media and backed raising the Chinese flag over Boston’s City Hall last year to celebrate the anniversary of the Communist Party’s takeover of China,.

Garza is featured on the website of BFL and is listed as a principal.

That said, who knows how many front groups the Marxists are operating under and where all the funding is coming from.

The Rosenberg Foundation and the Anna Julia Cooper Center/Wake Forest University are listed as BFL allies.


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  1. Still no information on Garza's Jewish father? Does he work for a Soros org?