Saturday, September 5, 2020

If You Don't Think The BLM Wants to Foment a Civil War in the United States Watch This

This occurred Friday night.

 Protesters in Rochester NY  shut down restaurants. Patrons fled.

This is shocking. The clip is only 2 minutes and 30 seconds long, be sure to watch the entire thing.
I don't know how this ends but things do not look good.

It is extraordinarily baffling how the lefty Democratic officials in these states and cities are allowing this to go on. There is no way they come out on top.

They certainly don't understand Leninist philosophy, strategy and tactics. These people want the total destruction of America and there are not some grand prizes at the end for political officials who allowed the most destruction. The most they will get is a Trotsky-type mountaineering ice axe to their heads if the Marxists gain control.

A  very shrewd and calculating suffocationem revolution may be the only hope.

There are plenty of useful idiots that the modern-day Marxist employ, Lenin used these types also:


  1. Well, I suppose that's what a liberal arts degree is good for these days...

  2. It must take a lot of courage to form large groups and prey on small groups of unarmed, peaceful diners. But with all that courage, why are they wearing masks? Don't tell me that they are afraid of the virus?

  3. Total conjecture ... however, how many of the young eating outdoors supported BLM just minutes before the assault? And how many support them now?

    1. Before: Nearly all

      After: Most

      They'll dismiss this as a "few who went crazy".

      That's how pessimistic I am about how this turns out.

  4. A more accurate headline might be: "The Globalists who finance, train and deploy these mostly peaceful "protesters" want to use BLM to foment civil war in the US." This also explains the mask mandates, to allow rioters to wear them. The DNC may want to lose the election so they can burn this mother down.

  5. These sacks of human waste need to be dealt with harshly and without mercy. Sure, there are many imperfect things about America, but it's clear all these assholes want to do is destroy but offer nothing of value to replace it.

  6. The authorities are clearly fully in support of Antifa and BLM. They only arrest people who try to defend themselves or their property from the mobs.

  7. Bob, what’s “suffocationem revolution”? I’m not finding anything specific when i search it. Is this a term worth learning about?