Sunday, September 13, 2020

How Mail-In Ballots Could Delay Presidential Election Results For an Extended Period

You really have to wonder how much the Democrats want to wreck the system as much as the Marxist radicals do.

The big push by Democrats now is for mail-in balloting. This, of course, is an obvious edge for the Democrats if they are pushing so much for it but it could lead to serious delays in results of the election.

The Wall Street Journal explains the problem with Pennsylvania alone:
Pennsylvania has already suffered one interminable mail-vote delay in 2020, and a repeat in November could draw the entire country into a legal brawl, while putting the result of the presidential election into serious doubt...
A week after the June 2 primary, about half the counties in the Keystone State were still tallying ballots. On June 11, Philadelphia alone had 42,255 votes uncounted. President Trump won Pennsylvania in 2016 by 44,292.
If Mr. Trump and Joe Biden run neck and neck in November, how long might Pennsylvania keep the Electoral College hanging? In the campaign’s closing weeks, arriving mail votes will pile up in local offices, but state law says they can’t be processed until 7 a.m. on Election Day. This wasn’t enough preparation to give timely results when 1.5 million residents voted absentee in June, and it won’t be in November.
Tight deadlines are another problem. Pennsylvanians can request a mail ballot as late as 5 p.m. on Oct. 27. For votes to count, they must arrive at local election offices by 8 p.m. on Nov. 3. That leaves seven days, including a Sunday, for applications to be handled, blank ballots delivered, and votes dropped off or return mailed. The U.S. Postal Service says such a turnaround is unrealistic and creates a high risk of tardiness.
Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat, wants to count votes arriving by Nov. 6. Pennsylvania also lacks a way for voters to fix ballots that are rejected for suspect signatures. This is a recipe for extended legal mischief and for judges to determine which votes are counted. With the state Supreme Court controlled by Democrats, that could be what Mr. Wolf has in mind.
Some analysts in Washington are so alarmed about delayed presidential results that they’re calling to delay the date of the Electoral College vote, which can be changed with an act of Congress. Inauguration Day is fixed in the Constitution as Jan. 20.
Florida Senator Marco Rubio has a bill to bump the meeting of electors from Dec. 14 to Jan. 2. So Americans can spend Christmas wondering who their next President will be?
As if 2020 isn't already mad enough. A blowout win by either Trump or Biden may be the only way all voters believe the outcome.



  1. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but part of me thinks this whole Covid scam was designed from the beginning to get Trump out of office. We wouldn't have the mail in ballots scheme with out it. A scheme that will clearly favor the Democrats.

    1. Not necessarily. But they sure never pass an opportunity to use any tragedy to their advantage. Ghouls, all of them.

  2. As an ancap, I've always considered the substance of democracy to be wholly illegitimate. So it's a only a small deterioration if the process of democracy is corrupted too.

    1. As an ancap I agree in principle, but I also recognize that vast majority of people hold a completely different belief, and these people gave overwhelming force to drag me along and obey outcomes of their beliefs (i.e. governments). Thus, their belief in democracy matters (no matter how illegimate the whole clown show is), and so voting and using this belief to try to nudge them into supporting less insane policies aren't completely worthless.

  3. I laugh hard at this. Where is the honest propaganda of "If voting is important to you ... get off your *ss and go do it in person"

  4. Oh, how much simpler it would all be if we just randomly selected our representatives. Instead of all the build up to elections, and the vote counting drama, you'd just get a notice in the mail saying it's your turn to be the state senator, US rep, president, vice president or whatever. It would still be democratic, and if you're worried about putting an average joe with a low IQ into office, just consider what we have in office right now and how well that is working out for us.