Sunday, September 20, 2020

Herschel Walker On Black Lives Matter

Herschel Walker gets it.



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  1. Walker is a real man. That isn’t an easy thing to stand up and take a stand on, not in the world of sports today, there are a few football players I really like and respect for the work they do for the community but they support BLM, and these guys are strong family men who claim they are Christians, and I believe they are because of what they not only say but do, and they support BLM. I can only think they have no idea who or what they are supporting. They seem to think it’s just judicial reform or some things like that. Heck, I believe in judicial reform, I believe that a lot of the complaints they have are legitimate, but they don’t understand that the government is the main contributor to the problems they want to fight against. Does Devin McCourtey, who is a family man and stands for the black family and black men taking responsibility for their actions and encourages them to marry and raise a family and support them, know that BLM is against EVERYTHING he stands for? Does Matthew Slater, who is respected in all of the NFL for his one on one work he puts into making the young men on his team be better men in their personal lives know what BLM really stands for?
    No, I can’t believe that they do. So Herschel Walker standing up and speaking out like this, a man that young NFL players look up to because he was a badass football player, is pretty huge. He’s not easily just thrown out the window to be forgotten and mocked.
    Good for him. He is doing Isaiah’s job.