Saturday, September 19, 2020

German Soccer Team Loses 37-0 After Socially Distancing From Opponent

COVID-19 absurdity has now reached Dali-like levels.

The German amateur soccer team SG Ripdorf/Molzen II practiced social distancing as they fielded only seven players as a coronavirus precaution in a 37-0 loss to local rivals SV Holdenstedt II, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

 Holdenstedt players had been in contact with an opponent infected with COVID-19 in a previous match but all members of the Holdenstedt squad later tested negative for the virus.

Holdenstedt scored a goal nearly every two minutes, while their opponents watched on from a safe distance, according to the Herald.


(ht Tyler Cowen)


  1. That is actually awesome. Cause it made my day. The world has gone nuts. As desert bunny said. 😂😂🙄

  2. Apparently, this is video of that game: