Sunday, September 13, 2020

Democrats Concerned About Latino Vote

This comes as no surprise to me. The idea that Latinos were a solid voting block for Democrats never made sense to me.

I wrote this last year:

Immigrant-haters have long promoted the idea prevalent amongst crazed-lefty Democrats that Hispanic voters are a source of developing power for the Left. That they will move America lefty.

But, I have long argued that it is incorrect to think Latin American immigrants are necessarily a strong base for crazed-lefty Democrats. Latinos are family-oriented. They are not going to jump on board the aggressive family-destroying policies of the crazed-left.

It doesn't make sense, and to the degree that Democrats expect life-long allegiance from Latinos to crazed lefty goals, they may be once again displaying their failure to think deep.



  1. Maybe Hispanics and immigrants aren't completely monolithic, but they still vote 75% Democrat. So it makes no sense to bring them into the country in large numbers.

  2. That's ancient history, Bubba.

    An NBC News/Marist poll, released on Sept. 8 is the latest to show Trump gaining ground with Latinos in the state, with 50% of Latinos showing support for the president over Biden’s 46%. (

    Latinos will vote for freebies but not destruction of the family and society.

    1. We hear this same thing every election cycle. I'll believe it when I see it.

  3. From my experience I’ve drawn the same conclusion, Robert. Where I live Hispanics are hard working people. They have started businesses in lawn care , construction, tree removal, restaurants and food trucks. Some are independent farmers, judging from their presence at farmer’s markets.

    They also throw the most colorful and vibrant wedding receptions. I had the privilege to attend one after I helped the groom and friends butcher a cow they bought from my neighbor and which they served in its own simple and delicious broth. The cow was shot in a field, and I hauled it to the barnyard on a forklift, watching in awe as the men, with the finesse of professionals, skinned and butchered the animal. We must have broken every USDA regulation on the books.

    I never met these folks before that day, yet they invited me, a total stranger, to their wedding.