Monday, September 7, 2020

COVID-19 Mask Absurdity at Major League Baseball

A Major League Baseball umpire transforms into a Karen and throws Washington Nationals GM out-of-the-game for not wearing a mask when he is totally alone in an upper deck.

Dread risk fear and power-freaking has infected more people than COVID-19 ever will.




  1. I give up. America is a lost cause.

  2. I wonder if this is a staged drama for the public?

  3. I have complained for years that people were not engaging in the slightest any Austrian School analysis or concepts regardless of how and to whom we presented it. I never realized that the same people were unable to read medical reports, much less understand them.

    The government and media are clearly actively suppressing even the most inocuous posting of information about Covid-19 preventatives and treatments. I received a 30 day Facebook block on Saturday for posting a Lew Rockwell article, a Lew Rockwell podcast with Ron Paul, two posts about a successful ARDS protocol described by the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and by linking to the Swedish government health department's study comparing open-school Sweden with no-school Finland. The Swedish study found no difference, that children are rarely infected and do not transmit any illness to their teachers.

    That's five strikes for violating community standards. I presume my next thoughtcrime will result in a 90 day block.

  4. The viciousness and evil of the bureaucratic "mind".

    Michigan parents blocked from visiting dying daughter in Windsor, Ontario

    It’s a mere 35-minute drive to Windsor but a world away because of quarantine restrictions due to COVID-19.

    To see their daughter, they’d have to cross to Canada, and quarantine for 14 days before seeing her on the 15th day.

    The couple attempted to cross into Canada days go — paperwork in hand outlining their daughter’s medical situation — only to be turned away at Canada Customs because of their frustratingly impossible situation.

    “We tried to get across but we didn’t try before that,” Hotchkiss said.

    “We kept waiting for (the border) to open. We watched the news. We just kept waiting and waiting and waiting and it never opened.

    “(The Hospice of Windsor and Essex County) made arrangements. They even had a sanitized room available for us,” she said. “We were so excited.”

    Even if they could stay in Canada for the 14-day quarantine, no one is sure whether Costello has 14 days to live.

    “I was with her when she was born, at the beginning,” Hotchkiss said, choking up. “I would like to be with her now.”

    Shayla has been fighting to get an exemption for her grandparents to visit with Diane, even for an hour, “just to say goodbye to my mom.”

    1. This would not exactly be a long journey for the parents.

  5. Of course it was Joe West, only the biggest windbag umpire perhaps in MLB history...

    David B

  6. If you watch any European soccer game, then you'll see more absurdities. Like the substitutes sitting in the stands, many seats apart, wearing masks. First, why do you have to wear a mask if you are also "social distancing"? Second, the substitutes warm up with the players on the field without masks, and they play without masks. Third, these are young, in-the-best-shape-of-your-life athletes who have an infinitesimal chance of being seriously impacted by COVID. Never mind critical theory, how about some critical thinking?

  7. Are all of these professional athletes too dumb to look up basic statistics? I used to have to go a university science library and make xerox copies. Now, you can find everything online in about 25 seconds. College players GO TO COLLEGE. Most pro players WENT TO COLLEGE. The college coaches work at a college. Apparently, none of them knows how to look up statistics or medical papers and studies. We're doomed.

    Michigan, with almost 10 million people, has had NINE Covid deaths for people under age 25 and 1,243 deaths from all causes for that age group since January 1, 2020.

    No Mask and No Lockdown Sweden with a little over 10 million people has had 11 Covid deaths for the under thirty crowd and 28 total Covid deaths for the under 40 crowd.

  8. Yet another reason to have machines replace umpires.