Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Chris Cuomo Challenged: "Prove you are not a liar, Chris"

 Has Chris Cuomo been posing with fake weights?



  1. Reminds me of Paul Ryan taking over an hour off his marathon time.

  2. That's hilarious, I've been lifting weights for ~15 years and was actually thinking exactly this when I saw this clip of Fredo while watching Tucker Carlson last night. I've seen that clip a few times (Tucker plays it mostly when he is making fun of Fredo), and it looked incredibly fake, but I never paid any attention to what the weight was on the dumbbell. I assumed it was a 25 or 30 or something because it seemed effortless. However, if that is a 100 lb. dumb bell then it is absolutely fake. Should any of us be surprised by more phoniness coming out of Fake News CNN?