Sunday, September 20, 2020

Chicago Postal Workers Threaten to Stop Delivering Mail After Multiple Employees Shot

United States Postal workers who deliver mail in some of Chicago’s neighborhoods where urban primitives roam are threatening to halt their services after another mail carrier was shot in the city’s South Side earlier this month, reports Fox News. 

The carrier, a 24-year-old woman, was left critically and injured after being shot multiple times at 91st Street and Ellis Avenue while delivering mail on September 10. Police said the worker did not appear to be the target and had been caught in the crossfire during a drive-by.

Chicago’s WSL-TV reported that she was the second mail carrier wounded by gunfire on that route. Another mail carrier, also caught in the middle of gunfire, was shot in March while on the job.

This is what LBJ's second-generation Great Society looks like, mixed with the modern-day Marxist advance.

Central planning is horrific.


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