Saturday, September 12, 2020

Boris Johnson is Going Total COVID-19 Tyrant in Great Britain

Are the Brit's really so much sheep to put up with this?
 It is going to be very interesting to see what kind of resistance develops.



  1. I have a bunch of colleagues in the UK... and they seem to be very resigned that they really have no options but to take whatever the government dishes out.

    No one likes it, but, there is a very British 'stiff upper lip' mentality. The government just does what it wants - despite the misery it sows. Despite ruining the prospect of liberty and freedom in the future.
    It's another crisis that they use to gain power - because, why not if the people acquiese?

    I've been trying to put this in writing for a while, and it's not easy, but I try here:

  2. The 0.26% infection fatality rate is counted based on death WITH COVID-1984.

    In reality only 6% of dead didn't have comorbidities (i.e. COVID wasn't the "last straw" or irrelevant oportunistic infection, but the actual cause of death).

    The coronaplague is less dangerous than common cold, statistically.

  3. It is very difficult for people to organize any sort of resistance, since anything that goes against the official Narratives is banned on Social Media. And might even get you arrested.

  4. The Ethical Skeptic on Twitter has some good stuff on the human rights criminal angle for government advisers, academicians and media personalities. See here..

    Certainly someone like Neil Ferguson should be treated as a human rights criminal for inciting panic in the general public for personal gain. There are many more...

    David B.

  5. We expect the worlds psychopaths and sociopaths to act in ways that make sense to us. No one would have imagined that their country would set up concentration camps, but the UK (South Africa) Germany, and the US (Indians) et al would do it. This plan/op is only just beginning.