Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Bombshell News Appears Imminent On FBI and CIA Efforts to Entrap Trump Campaign Officials


Stefan Halper appears to have played an important role in attempting to entrap Trump campaign officials. 



  1. maybe I am missing something. It certainly doesn’t appear the truth or facts matter. The FBI lawyer plead guilty for misleading the FISA court. No one knows about it or cares.

    The narrative is Trump is a bastard and must be removed from office. Has been for nearly four years now. Shit my dad is as republican as it gets... he is voting for Biden.

    The virus has taken away anyone’s ability to think.
    It has at-least made anyone who could think just shut up.

  2. The vast majority of people chose which camp to join and which army to fight alongside of, long ago. All these "news" stories won't make a difference, and are as water flowing over the stones in a brook; Everything remains undisturbed.