Tuesday, September 29, 2020

A Report from Rifle, Colorado

Lauren Boebert 

John Foster emails:

Hi Bob,

I’ve been traveling thru the west with my dog, and last Friday we stopped at Shooter’s Grill in Rifle, CO.  I’m sure you’ve heard of Lauren Boebert who owns Shooters and is running for congress.  She beat the republican incumbent in the primary and now faces a left wing professor in the general.  I stopped in her headquarters (next door to her restaurant), and spoke with one of her relatives for about half an hour.  Good people; sincere, homeschool their kids, close to their families, deeply patriotic, very hard working.  I pointed them to my economics course for their middle-schoolers.  

 Lauren is someone we should have in our camp.  She never went to college and was largely apolitical but then started reading the constitution and couldn’t stop.  She’s had a couple of minor scrapes with the law; she objected to a cop being too aggressive with someone else, and had some tax disputes with the local gov’t (great credentials!).  She’s animated primarily by the 2nd amendment and from there has adopted much of Trump’s positions on strong military, free and ‘fair’ trade, strong borders, etc.  Get this, though: her campaign posters just have her name and the word Freedom (you can see one in the pic babove).

She’s young enough and new enough to the ideas of liberty that she can learn and seems to have strong libertarian instincts, though I suspect she doesn’t yet have a strong theoretical foundation.  She could be on the national stage for a long time.  And I think she has a good chance of winning, both on Trumps coattails and her own hard work (not to mention her opponent comes off as an even older, less attractive, and less charismatic Elizabeth Warren!).

So this mail is a heads up.  We need to help elect and educate this remarkable young woman.  



John R. Fosterpresident

Middle School MBA

RW response:

Okay, there seems to be potential here

From Boebert's campaign page:

Contract with Colorado? No.

But overall potential does seem to be the word.

I will start off by sending her a copy of The Fed Flunks: My Speech at the New York Federal Reserve Bank


  1. I live in this district. I see her ads all the time on YouTube. The district is almost the entire western half of the state. Full of small towns that lean republican. She beat a five time winner in the Republican Party. She has also promised to join the House Freedom Caucus if elected. I’ve heard she is the front runner to win her election this November.

    In 2014 and 2016 there was a candidate who also tried to beat our current Representative. Tisha Casida. She was one of the few candidates in the entire country who could boast of getting an endorsement from Ron Paul. She narrowly lost the primary both times.

  2. I don’t mean to always be a contrarian, but what’s libertarian, or anti-state about her.
    My #1 red flag, heck not even a red flag but no go, is the military support. Strong military?
    I know dozens of people who say these same things when they are running.
    Build a wall?
    No thanks.
    I really don’t understand the love of the constitution either. The bill of rights, sure.
    But congress shall have the power to tax?
    Sorry, but meh.

    1. What's wrong with a wall with Mexico? Oh wait, you are libertardian, so if we only had more dirt world vermin crossing that would be a win for liberty somehow. Sure wish I could find all those libertardian turd worlders.

    2. You’ve not noticed the “turd worlders” are home grown right here trying to destroy America. Your tiring with your simplicity about the wall and immigration.
      Maybe it’s where you live that persuades your thinking. Ron Paul, who you would obviously think is an idiot, told the truth when he said walls are not only used to keep people out, but keep people in. The day may be close in coming that you will wish you could escape to Mexico. Maybe not. To me building a wall around your country is a obvious sign of police state. Remember East Germany? 🙄

    3. This is true, but as Texan I don't need more turd world trash coming across whenever they want because their country is a shithole. It's tragic, but I'm under no obligation to tolerate the bad effects of an open border policy.

      And yes, Mexico, the land of gun control and out of control cartels. I'm guessing some would settle for a nominally corrupt police force over barbaric violence.

  3. "Fair trade" and "energy independence" jumped out at me, and are red flag warnings: The former is a telltale sign, of course, that she's for conditional free-trade, i.e. substituting the will of the central government for that of millions of transactors purchasing from sellers beyond our borders, i.e. a big fetish for tariffs.
    The latter---"energy independence" or any industry-independence---suggests hostility towards or at least ignorance of, comparative advantage and specialization, and more hang-ups about free-trade.
    But otherwise, some potential there...given all the cheerleading over the Constitution, Bill of Rights, liberty, etc. etc.

    1. In her free market section she wants “less regulation” . These people don’t know what free markets are and they think they have to centrally plan them, all of them do. Just some think they should control them less than others.
      SJ, I assume you practice law, but even if you don’t, isn’t it your experience that the republicans who talk constitution pretty much mean the second amendment and whatever Mark Levin says the constitution says, and we know he’s a full blown idiot who preaches the presidents powers are unending. What’s your opinion on that?

    2. Yes, the Republicans talk a big game when it comes to touting the Constitution (the Cult of Parchment Worship), but as we all know, it's mostly a PR game; You're right, it's 2nd-Amendment cherry-picking...with the other aspects at front and center only when it suits them (9th-Amendment, 10th-Amendment States' Rights, 1st-Amendment Free-Speech, ...never 4th-Amendment Search-and-Seizure, or 8th-Amendment Excessive Fines/Cruel Unusual Punishment, and so on). Mark Levin is the same way. I've read some of his books---very heavy on the Constitutional Framers Cult/fantasy of "Our country's greatness stems solely and directly from the divine Framers and their Constitution" and "American Exceptionalism means that Americans are inherently, from birth, superior to other people." To be sure, it's entertaining, and he gets a lot of the history right, and has a good understanding of the value to limited government of things like Federalism, Separation of Powers, Checks and Balances, Constitutional Republicanism, etc. But it's heavy, at the end of the day, on Nationalism, and strong Presidential powers when Republicans are in power. And when Dems are in power, he's back to solid Constitutionalism, preaching that Presidents' powers are limited severely by the Constitution.
      I remember when he got into a big row with Tom Woods, back around Baby Bush's second term I think...an argument over the War Powers Act, and whether a President can command troops and order them to engage with another country before a Congressional Declaration of War is made; Woods, via blog posts, made mincemeat out of Levin, decimating Levin's using Adams's "Quasi-War with France" and Jefferson's troops in Tripoli in support of his argument that President's have been prosecuting wars since the beginning. Even Levin's own followers at Levin's blog starting posting things like "I dunno Mark...I looked-up this Tom Woods dude, and he's pretty legit. I think it's time to stand down."
      And yes, I'm a lawyer---used to practice criminal defense mostly---but now living the easier life, working for an insurance company!

  4. Bob, What tells you she has more potential than any other typical conservative? Michael. www.theREBTlife.com

    1. Dr. Edelstein, that’s exactly my feeling. She’s pretty and has a gun on a holster that sits too low. Not a qualifier in my book.

  5. If Ron Paul's experience has taught liberty lovers anything it should be that politics is not the answer. I agree with Joshua Bennett regarding Boebert.

  6. Thanks, Joshua. I really don't have an opinion about whether she's a qualifier. My question was meant for Bob to understand his thinking. Michael, http://theREBT.life

  7. Interesting comments. Let's give credit where credit is due. Lauren challenged the covid shutdown and had her business license taken away, before it was returned a day or two later (LOL). Lauren started the whole armed and trained employee scheme of things in a state where open carry is 'allowed' by government (forget the actual wording of the 2nd Amendment 'shall not be infringed'). Lauren is a mom and a Christian, unlike some of the duals who hold office. Let's face it, Lauren Boebert is a fresh face in a stale government.

    In this crummy corrupt government, I'd like to see someone like Lauren get into office. And yes, I know state and federal governments are snake pits, but with more people like Lauren, maybe that will change.

  8. https://www.zazzle.com/vote_for_nobody_yard_sign-256257677578279340

  9. She may have potential, it's certainly worth sending a radical book to see if the seed sprouts. Even if not, more people like her in office will probably slow the destruction around us.

  10. Based on RW's advice, I directed her to my book, Busting Myths About the State and the Libertarian Alternative, and got a nice response from her team that they would check it out. What's the downside to trying to reach more people with the liberty message?