Sunday, September 6, 2020

A Major Resistance Leader is Emerging

You may recall I posted a video a couple of weeks back of a man who spoke up at a local community meeting against mask-wearing and businesses forced to stay closed.

It turns out his name is Carlos Zapata.

Alex Jones interviewed him and it may be the most important interview Jones has ever done.

Zapata is the real deal. He is a born leader and is solid against the anti-freedom advance now going on in the country.

The interview is below and is 38 minutes and 50 seconds long. Find the time to watch it.

This is not the last you are going to hear about Zapata.

Note: I am putting up the YouTube version which may get taken down. I am preparing an alternative video so if it is taken down, just come back to this post a bit later.




  1. He made a good point. These riots and leftist stupidity are what happens when everyone is given a participation trophy.

  2. This is so concerning. Is anyone thinking we need to stock up on food, supplies when the SHTF?