Sunday, August 16, 2020

What I Told An Asian Sales Clerk at Macy's Who Told Me to Stand Six Feet Back

Yesterday I picked up a couple of things at the Macy's downtown store in the People's Republic of San Francisco.

As I headed to the checkout area, I noticed that the salesclerk appeared to tell the couple waiting in line ahead of me to back up and maintain six feet distance from the person he was waiting on.

There were "practice six-feet social distancing" signs plastered all around the sales station area. And little red circles on the floor, indicating where to stand to be six feet apart.

When the couple in front of me headed to the clerk to ring up their merchandise, since I am testing and probing the COVID-19 madness, I stepped mostly in front of the red circle I was supposed to be in with only my heels in the circle. I was still, I would estimate eight feet away from the couple in front of me.

He went for the bait.

"Please stand on the circle six feet back," he ordered. I said to him, "I am more than six feet back and am in the general area of the circle, " I replied.

He spoke with a strong Asian accent, he wasn't born in the United States.

He backed down, as my testing and probing suggested he would. He put up his hands and said, "Ok."

I rarely get push back from immigrants during this period of COVID-19 madness when I test and probe. It is the 30-something lefty millennials born here that give me the most grief (more about them in a future post).

When it came my turn to have my merchandise rung up, I approached the clerk and he politely processed my sale.

When he handed me my bag, I said to him, "You know, you came here for freedom and opportunity. It is not in the country you came from. There are too many regulations in your country so you can't grow and succeed."

"So why are you are enforcing new government and quasi-government regulations that are only going to make America become more like your old country?"

He said his manager told him to keep people six feet apart. I replied, "Your manager is a useful idiot when it comes to the government and quasi-government campaigns, look the other way when you can. Be someone that allows freedom to breathe when you can."

"Where are you from?" I asked. He said, Thailand.

I just looked it up. Thais have an annual median income of  $1,469 per adult. The 50 richest Thai families had a total net worth equal to 30% of the country's GDP.

"Where are you going to go for freedom and opportunity if America becomes like Thailand?" I asked.

He had no answer.

"Look the other way when you can and be someone that allows freedom to breathe when you can," I repeated.

He nodded eagerly, whatever that means, and I walked away.

Sometimes you plant a seed and sometimes you don't.



  1. "It is the 30-something lefty millennials born here that give me the most grief (more about them in a future post)"- looking forward to it. I find that particular demographic the most militant when it comes to mask shaming, climate change and the systemic racism canard

    1. Same here. Asians never give me a hard time even though they are most mask compliant. It's the SJW millenials and female gen-xrs who do.

  2. This is great. Nock’s “Isaiah’s job” put into practice!

  3. I've started wearing my face diaper like a chin cup. It looks like a short bus safety strap. I tell people who ask that I have a chin condition.

  4. Good post. I usually hear from the store employees that it's the customers who complain to them about people like me without a mask on, so then the manager or owner tells the employees to enforce the mask rules.

    Recently, a store manager told me that there were no exceptions and that I couldn't shop anymore without a mask. He lied when I asked him what was going on. So I took it up with the a-hole owner the next day, who wouldn't shake my hand and kept backing up as we talked, and got him to back off. I got reinstated.

  5. When the mask mandates and lockdowns end, I recommend we start masking and guilt-shaming others for being child-killers if they're not masking during flu season. I will refuse to shake hands, walk across the street as someone approaches, put my mask up as someone passes me, social distance 10 feet minimum, and lobby my school to shutdown from Nov-April every year unless they want children to die from flu!