Saturday, August 22, 2020

WARNING: Virginia Plans Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations For All Residents

Things are getting worse at an exponential rate on the loss of freedom front.

Virginia State Health Commissioner Dr. Norman Oliver told 8News on Friday that he plans to mandate coronavirus vaccinations for Virginians once one is made available to the public.

Virginia state law gives the Commissioner of Health the authority to mandate immediate immunizations during a public health crisis if a vaccine is available, according to 8News. Health officials say an immunization could be released as early as 2021.

Dr. Oliver says that, as long as he is still the Health Commissioner, he intends to mandate the coronavirus vaccine.

“It is killing people now, we don’t have a treatment for it and if we develop a vaccine that can prevent it from spreading in the community we will save hundreds and hundreds of lives,” Oliver said.

Obviously, there is a sick power freak in charge in Virginia. The deaths are generally limited to the elderly with other serious health issues, why would you mandate the vaccine of the entire population for this.

According to 8News, there is a medical loophole and a potential religious exemption developing, but the power freaks will certainly attempt to counter this:
Under state law, only people with a medical exemption could refuse the mandate.

The Virginia General Assembly is considering a bill during an ongoing special session that would allow people with religious opposition to opt-out of the requirement. The bill needs to clear a committee in the House of Delegates before the full chamber could vote on it.
I certainly hope there are enough Virginians around that object to such a mandatory order to put a stop to it.

BTW, Oliver has faced backlash for stating in an internal Department of Health email message that most white people are unconsciously “pro-white” and “anti-black.”

He was forced to explain. “I didn’t say that all whites are racist,” Oliver wrote in the follow-up message aiming to clarify his remarks. “Rather, I said that the majority of whites have an implicit or unconscious preference for whites over Blacks.”



  1. As a Virginian, this is absolutely insane. There are about 5 people on average dying of COVID in the last 2 weeks.

  2. Hope the people trying to force vaccines have life insurance because I have no doubt when someone says no and the issue is pushed it will be hazardous to their health.

    1. They are pushing for government-granted indemnity as a pre-condition for releasing the vaccines. That's all you need to know about safety of these vaccines.

  3. Well, the local churches should all see a surge in conversions!

  4. The governor of Massachusetts is saying he will mandates vaccines for all too.
    I’m not holding my breathe for the Sons of Liberty to rise and resist at all cost.
    It is funny, ironic, or maybe purposeful, that the hotbeds of the American Revolution were Virginia and Massachusetts, the centers of tyranny today.

  5. Who would have guessed that the Mark of the Beast would be a vaccine?

  6. If I am understanding this, the party line seems to be,
    We will shut you down
    We will mask you
    We will vax you
    And then we will go after the people we don't like!

    The Left is insane

    David B