Tuesday, August 18, 2020

The Curious Case of Sharon Stone's Sister

Sharon Stone and her sister
NoMask.info reports that actress Sharon Stone posted on Instagram a screed blaming non-mask wearers for her sister's diagnosis with Covid-19:
My sister Kelly, who already has lupus, now has COVID-19. This is her hospital room. One of you Non-Mask wearers did this. She does not have an immune system. The only place she was the pharmacy. There is no testing in her county unless you are symptomatic, & then it's a 5 day wait for results. Can YOU FACE THIS ROOM ALONE? Wear a mask! For yourself and others. Please.
If her sister "does not have an immune system," why the hell was she going "only" to a pharmacy where, duh, sick people congregate?

Why didn't Sharon pick up from the pharmacy whatever her sister needed? Or have someone do it? According to Celebrity Networth, Stone is worth $60 million.

I hope Stone's sister recovers but what the hell does this have to do with anything but totalitarian fearmongering? Do we even know if anyone was in the pharmacy without a mask at the time of her sister's visit? And if she "does not have an immune system" why the hell beyond going to a pharmacy would she get anywhere near someone in a pharmacy not wearing a mask?

If indeed it was a non-mask wearer that got her infected in the first place.

Perhaps Sharon should spend her Instagram time discussing how people at high-risk to complications from COVID-19 take precautions and not do high-risk things, instead of backing up totalitarian nonsense.

High-risk people need to protect themselves (or get help from their sisters).

I should add that the scientists at Stanford and renowned epidemiologist Knut Wittkowski warned these types of things would happen. People, regardless of their risk profile, are just not going to stay locked up for month after month.

The smart thing would have been for the high-risk to lockdown for a month while the rest went about daily lives which would have resulted in some of us catching the virus but ultimately society building herd immunity so the high-risk would be free of the lockdown after a month. Without the risk that Sharon Stone's sister faced months later.

Stone's anger is misplaced. It should be placed on simultaneously evil and comical government leaders.



  1. I had an encounter with a Mask Crazy today, my first one. I was out walking my dog and had my mask under my chin. She was coming the other way on the sidewalk and when she was about ten feet away she started screaming "MASK! MASK! MASK!" as if she was having a panic attack. I stepped aside and put my mask over my face because this person was clearly mentally unstable and I didn't want her to attack me or my dog. She looked like a normal middle-class women otherwise.

    I still think the right play is to wear the mask because if some crazy kicks my dog and breaks his ribs or pepper sprays me it would just create more problems. I consider it prudent to treat Mask Crazies the same way I treat other mentally ill people in my city - avoid when possible, and de-escalate when not.

  2. Dr. Daniel Wallace literally wrote the book on Lupus. At around 6:00, he explained to Dr. Oz that he had given HCQ to 800 Lupus patients since September 1, 2019 and none of them came down with a Covid-19 related illness. I saw this segment on TV on April 7. This youtube posting is dated April 8, 2020.

    A zinc ionophore such as HCQ or quercetin plus zinc works to suppress viral replication of the Covid-19 if given at the earliest signs of illness. If you fail to take these effective treatments, YOU are a walking virus factory who is very likely to spread the virus if you get near others. The virus hangs and floats in the air. Masks are useless.


  3. What if masks simply don't work? Because any random piece of cloth or paper filter or whatever is not going to stop viruses. That never crosses their minds. It's just magical social rituals. Thousands and thousands of years and nothing really changes.

    1. One might as well just cover their mouth with their hand when going into stores and shops that require a face covering.

  4. I had the same thoughts as you, Robert, when I read this piece, and it hits on a deeper issue. Maskists want everyone else to take care of them or their loved ones, instead of maskists taking on this responsibility for themselves (it's of a piece with the tax-welfare system). We're told that it's just "part of civil society" to wear masks to protect others [sic], but that's only one definition of "civil society." Another one might be to take your own precautions if you feel that you're at risk, and don't demand that others give up living their lives to protect you.

  5. There's no doubt, there's no question. Masks don't "work". What they do actually "work" at is giving the vulnerable a false sense of security so that they are not immune-boosting and/or taking known and effective preventatves and treatments. And then they go to the store where the virus is most certainly floating and hanging in the air. But if they get really sick due to a lack of effective treatment and then die, it makes Trump look bad, so it's worth it.

  6. Non-mask wearers also cause others to gain weight. I also learned Science from Bill Nye the science guy.

  7. What if it was a mask WEARER? After watching mask wearers in action, I'm compelled to conclude that the masks are INCREASING the spread of illness. As a jogger, last year the litter I saw on the side of the road was a Burger King cup here and there. This year, it is disposable masks full of germs. Where I work, masks are mandatory. It is very common now to see disposable masks laying on the ground as litter in the parking lot. A mask, when used sparingly and pursuant to strict protocols, could be beneficial. But 99% of the people wearing masks are using them merely as a fashion accessory. Watch the mask wearers carefully. People are constantly reaching up to their germy mouth area to adjust the mask, to pull it down to eat/drink, to talk, etc. And then they use those germy hands to touch things. How does this make us any safer? Or do germs not spread on masks?