Friday, August 28, 2020

SHOCKING: Video Of the Moment Mob Surrounds Rand and Kelly Paul

Here is video from last night as the mob surrounded Senator Rand Paul and his wife Kelly after they left the White House following President Trump's nomination speech.

Here is Rand giving a blow-by-blow.



  1. Last night, a very important event occurred in the history of our nation. A group of young, calm, intelligent, respectful, and mostly peaceful men and women were violently attacked by a sitting U.S. Senator as he left a Ku Klux Klan rally.

    But these mostly peaceful protesters looked that hood-wearing, AR-15 wielding Rand Paul right in the eye and refused to back down. Rand's wife, equally dangerous and racist, was also there trying to steal the minimum wage of these mostly peaceful protesters. Protesters that we know come from very solid communities and are well educated productive members of society, when not having to sacrifice their careers to be on the lookout for KKK members. These are the true heroes.

    I digress. Back to the story. Those young heroes understood the one thing that would make this world right. Just say her name. Her, being Breonna Taylor, the girlfriend of the guy who shot at police and she was then killed in the right-wing, slave owning, exploitative return fire.

    You see it matters that we say her name. It matters that we do it on a random city block that we just burned to the ground, smashed all the store windows in, and turned into New Baghdad. It matters.

    Sure, "KKK Rand" authored a bill called the Justice for Breonna Taylor Act, ending no-knock raids. But that's just a bill. Like it becomes a law or something stupid. Laws don't do anything. That's like writing things and reading things. Boring! Real change comes from saying her name. Randomly. On a street we just burned down.

    That's how you change things. Mostly peacefully.

    David B.