Thursday, August 6, 2020

Oprah Privilege

Oprah was apparently babbling on about white privilege the other day.

But what about uppity Oprah privilege?

I know for a fact how Oprah looked down on a very decent, let's call him a low-blue collar level black working man and she probably didn't even realize it.

Oprah had regular interactions with this man when she lived in Chicago.

I know this man quite well, and while he did his job to pay the rent, he would be able to talk philosophy way over Oprah's head.

But what was her view of the man who certainly knew his way around Chicago? She treated him as though he was a total clueless dumb ass. She lived in the Water Tower apartment complex in the city at the time and Bloomingdales was in an urban mall directly across the street on Michigan Avenue.

She wanted him to pick something up for him at the store and proceeded to give him extremely detailed directions on how to get to Bloomingdales in the mall THAT WAS ACROSS THE STREET.

He also has a very good sense of humor and played along by asking really stupid questions like "Is that the mall that has the Victoria Secret in it?"

So Oprah just know that when you are making your snap judgments about people, even black people, people are laughing behind you back at your obtuseness.

Maybe you should spend more time working on yourself.



  1. She's right.

    Being white means you didn't have to suffer with the yoke of the war on drugs, minimum wage and gun control IN THE SAME WAY that people of color did, and do. Each of these government policies/programs has racist origins and continues scar our nation with institutional racism today. Anslinger targeted people of color, Nixon targeted people of color, the CIA dumping crack cocaine in our inner cities targeted people of color. Gun control originally targeted recently freed slaves, because of the fear that they would (probably rightfully) go after their former masters. Read what the economists of the day said about the minimum wage laws - they KNEW that people of color would lose their jobs and that was desired! We have sick, racist government policies in place NOW, that are causing racial divisions in society. Oprah is right, but she seems to be blissfully unaware of the reasons why.

    1. "...IN THE SAME WAY..."

      The individual white finds himself in jail and without a job just like the individual black. I doubt he'll be looking at it the way you are. Though I take no issue with you as to the original reason for these draconian laws. But in fact we are all harmed by these laws, directly or indirectly.

    2. 1) there is no racism. There is only one race - the human race.

      2) there is prejudice based on melanin content. But there is no longer systemic 'prejudice' in America AND any prejudice of this nature is left over from long ago.
      There has not been systemic prejudice based on melanin content since at least the 1990's in America.
      The fact that Affirmative Action laws were taken off of the California books in the 1990's (instigated by a 'black' lawmaker) proves 100% that melanin content prejudice in America died about 25 years ago.

    3. You've made an argument regarding economic class not skin color or race. The horrors of some government social engineering and control may have been done against black people first but they are something done to everybody today and it has been that way for decades now. Some of the horrors of course were done to others first. The brunt of this experimentation and such is determined by economic class.

      A middle or upper class black kid with good parents has an advantage over not only other blacks but his white peers. He will be the person who can grab the benefits of scholarships, affirmative action and so forth. The different danger in his life from being black is being mis-identified as someone of lower socio-economic status than he is.

      Furthermore gun control, high minimum wages, and more are things that black "leaders" argue FOR today.

  2. Being born great looking gives you an advantage.
    Being born smart gives you an advantage.
    Being born in a wealthy family gives you an advantage.
    Being born a fast runner gives you an advantage.
    Being born physically stronger gives you an advantage.
    Being born in a civilized country gives you an advantage.
    Being born to great, loving parents gives you an advantage.
    Being born with fantastic health gives you an advantage.
    Being born tall gives you an advantage.
    Being born imaginative gives you an advantage.
    Being born only needing to sleep 4 hours a night gives you an advantage.