Saturday, August 8, 2020

Libertarian Party Presidential Nominee Supports Mask Mandates for Government Buildings

By Adam Dick

In a Friday Reason article by Zuri Davis, Davis discusses a conversation she had the day before with Libertarian Party presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen. It was interesting to see Davis recount in the article that Jorgensen expressed approval of mask mandates for government buildings.

Davis writes:

The conversation then shifts to the COVID-19 pandemic.

'We're all adults, and it shouldn't be against the law to be stupid,' Jorgensen says. 

Jorgensen notes that with personal freedom comes responsibility. While she doesn't support mask mandates ('unless we're talking about a government building') or even a forced vaccine in the event that one is developed, Jorgensen sees private companies enacting mask policies as a sign that most Americans are taking the pandemic seriously.
Sometime soon you may find yourself approaching a government building, whether to exercise in a city’s recreation center, attend an event at a government-owned venue, attend classes at a government school, obtain official government documents, observe or speak at a meeting of elected or appointed government officials, discuss an important matter with government employees or office holders, participate in a court proceeding, or do whatever else. When you see a sign on the front door saying “Mask Required,” or when a guard tells you to put on a mask or leave, you can think of Jorgensen nodding in approval.

The above originally appeared at the Ron Paul Institute.


  1. Well my first thought of her is the same I have now. She doesn’t Hate the State.
    And as Rothbard pointed out years ago, that is what is missing in Libertarianism. YAL falls into this same category sadly. They will all find out sometime the State doesn’t give a flip about them being lukewarm, just like the One who will spit them out.
    She is a joke, I can find many random folks named Joe Statist who have as many libertarian leanings as she does.
    Nothing Rothbardian to see here.
    Thankfully only a couple of months left and she will fall into the abyss of forgetfulness.

    1. Joshua, Consider joining the LP Mises caucus with Tom Woods, Executive Board member, and others who Hate the State. Michael, http//

    2. I was asked to speak at the libertarian convention here in Alaska a few years back, until I spoke at length with the Vice President of the Alaska LP, and I was uninvited. I just feel I have better things to do than be apart of a political party. I think Ron Paul is doing tremendous work now and reaching millions (I hope) with the Ron Paul institute. I would much rather go that route, but I do wish Tom luck (and he’s gonna need it, along with his great brain) in trying to get the LP to be something to be proud of.

  2. Jorgensen is terrible. She attended a Marxist BLM vigil and said we need to be "actively against racism", as if that were one of the top 10 problems in the U.S. or anywhere, and to support the BLM protests.

    How did she gain the LP nomination? I'd almost rather have Kanye West over her.

  3. I WOULD have supported the Libertarian Party had the nominee been Jacob Hornberger, but there's no way I'd vote for this quack.

  4. The logical extension of her position is that the government has the right to force people to mask-up in all public areas. Now is the most important time ever for the principles of liberty to be heard.It doesn't appear that she is capable of delivering the message.