Friday, August 28, 2020

It Is Time For Rand Paul to Be Given a Protective Detail

Rand Paul
Senator Rand Paul is the most pro-freedom anti-socialist member of Congress from either chamber.

He is standing up for liberty against the socialists more than anyone else in Congress. The radical left knows this (SEE:  SHOCKING: Video as Mob Surrounds Rand and Kelly Paul).

Thus, Senator Paul is extremely vulnerable to lefty Marxist mob attacks.

U.S. Capitol Police should immediately provide him with a protective detail.

The Capitol Police conduct risk assessments of every member of Congress and may, from time to time, establish a protective detail on a member if the threat matrix against them becomes pronounced.

Senator Paul is at risk because of his support for liberty and requires protection immediately.



  1. By this standard, Thomas Massie probably ought to be given similar protection. (There must be something about the water in KY; perhaps an absence of fluoride...)

  2. Well I volunteer. It’s hard to tell how many are really against him, it’s not just BLM and Marxist that hate him, He is anti war, and pro Liberty. So I would imagine most if not all people in Washington hate him.
    He needs security now. This is freaking crazy.
    Somebody is going to get shot(eventually I don’t see how we don’t evolve into violence on a major scale) and we need to make sure it’s not Rand.

  3. These days being pro Liberty and anti war makes you an Enemy of the State, and of the State's foot soldiers: Antifa and BLM.

  4. Unfortunately for Rand, the people who deployed the mob that surrounded him are the same people who determine who gets a protective detail.