Thursday, August 13, 2020

Is Michael Cohen Delusional?

I am not a fan of many of President Trump's policies but this is absurd.

From the foreword by Michael Cohen to his about to be published book, Disloyal: A Memoir:
The President of the United States wanted me dead.

Or, let me say it the way Donald Trump would: He wouldn’t mind if I was dead. That was how Trump talked. Like a mob boss, using language carefully calibrated to convey his desires and demands, while at the same time employing deliberate indirection to insulate himself and avoid actually ordering a hit on his former personal attorney, confidant, consigliere, and, at least in my heart, adopted son...

If that sounds overly dramatic, consider the powers Trump possessed and imagine how you might feel if he threatened you personally. Heading south, I wondered if my prospects for survival were also going in that direction. I was acutely aware of the magnitude of Trump’s fury aimed directly at my alleged betrayal. I was wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses and I kept the speedometer at eighty, avoiding the glances of other drivers...

I was exactly the person Trump was talking about when he said he could shoot and kill someone on 5th Avenue and get away with it.
For the record: Trump made his comment during the 2016 presidential campaign when Cohen was still a willing Trump aide.

This will do much to ruin the credibility of whatever else Cohen has to say in the book.


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  1. Yes - even a cursory glance reveals the delusional element. Oi.