Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Head of CDC Admits Lockdown Killing Way More Americans Than COVID

Robert Redfield
Red State reports:
CDC director Robert Redfield dropped some bombshell news during a talk he gave two weeks ago. But despite its significance, hardly anyone knows about the sickening bit of data he let slip:
“We’re seeing, sadly, far greater suicides now than we are deaths from Covid. We’re seeing far greater deaths from drug overdose, that are above excess, than we had as background, than we are seeing deaths from Covid.”
Look, either the statist central planning health rulers are mental midgets or they are evil.

I warned about this possibility months ago back in March:
Suicide Attempts Could Increase By 58,500 Per Month During the Lockdown

Fearmongers are building all kinds of models to predict doom from COVID-19 with barely any facts, so let's build our own model, about the lockdown, using facts.

The current lockdown is certainly a period of enormous stress on many people. I know of one mom and pop business near me that has already closed for good and the owner of a local convenience store tells me his business is down by 80%.

On top of this, we have enormous swaths of individuals on lockdown inside their homes and apartments without having in-person contact with others. This is certainly is not good for those on the stress edge. Tragically, Emily Owen, a 19-year-old, is one of the first to be confirmed dead because of a suicide attempt related to the lockdown.

It could be argued that this period may be more stressful than during the period of the 1929 stock market crash...
This was not hard to figure out but there was no one out there back in March concerned about suicides when I gave this warning.

Now, the idiot (or worse) Redfield says the solution is that masks are key for reopening of schools.

First, as I have stated before, I am highly suspicious of masks being worn for extended periods of time. They obviously result in human gaseous waste being inhaled back into the body, this can't be good. We may not know the ramifications of this for years. Second, youth are the least likely to experience significant problems from catching the virus. It is idiotic to make them wear masks. If a teacher is at high risk, she should stay home. If a teacher with a low risk for a severe consequence from infection is concerned she should quit or wear a mask.



  1. Starting around 1:43, he admits that regular flu kills 5-10 times as many school age children as does Covid:


  2. Hey Robert, any thoughts or information on myocarditis caused by COVID-19?

    1. This was squarely addressed by the Univerity of Wisconsin medical school in this protocol from late May. The existing "treatments" weren't treatments at all and resulted in the horrific death rate with organ damage for the survivors:

      Pierre Kory, MD, MPA Medical Director, Trauma and Life Support Center Critical Care Service Chief Associate Professor of Medicine University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

      Members of our group have now treated in excess of 100 hospitalized patients with our treatment protocol. Nearly all survived, The 2 that died were in their eighties and had advanced chronic medical conditions. None of the patients have had long stays on the ventilator nor become ventilator dependent The patients generally have a short hospital stay and are discharged in good health.

      ABSENCE OF EFFECTIVE NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL TREATMENT RECOMMENDATIONS: Before I go into the process and rationale for our treatment protocol, I want to highlight three critical factors that we feel are contributing to the COVID-19 crisis which we call upon the health societies to address: 1) The fact that nearly all national and international health societies such as the WHO, CDC, ACP, ATS, and many others have issued treatment recommendations focusing almost solely on “supportive care only” strategies, things like Tylenol for fever, gentle hydration/nutrition then oxygen or a ventilator to support breathing.. THIS STRATEGY IS CLEARLY FAILING AS EVIDENCED BY UNPRECEDENTED DEATH RATES AND WIDESPREAD AND LIFE-THREATENING SHORTAGES IN VENTILATORS, ICU BEDS, AND ICU PHYSICIANS AND NURSES. OUR EARLY RECOGNITION OF THE FAILURE OF THIS TREATMENT APPROACH IS WHAT PROMPTED US TO FORM OUR GROUP.

      As for the timing: Figure 1 below, illustrates the importance of understanding the two distinct, yet overlapping, phases of this disease.

      1. The viral replicative phase — this occurs early, largely in outpatients. Mild symptoms: fevers, fatigue, body aches, and sore throat are felt as the virus directly invades the tissues and causes systemic symptoms (but no organ dysfunction) i. THIS IS THE PHASE ANTI-VIRAL THERAPIES SHOULD BE FOCUSED ON, I.E. BEFORE PATIENTS REACH THE HOSPITAL WHERE MEDICINES LIKE HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE or Remdesivir would have the greatest impact to keep the patient away from the hospital and ICU

      2. The hyper-inflammatory, immune response phase (what brings patient to the hospital) is a state of immune system dysregulation whereby immune cells exit the blood vessels into tissues, causing massive inflammation within and failures of the major organs, most commonly the lungs, brain, heart, and kidneys. IT IS THIS LATER, HOSPITALIZED “HYPER-INFLAMMATORY” PHASE THAT OUR PROTOCOL IS DESIGNED TO TREAT AND WHERE EXPERTS IN HOSPITAL AND ICU MEDICINE ARE NEEDED.


    2. Thank you Bob, but it doesn't seem most of these people did receive those "treatments."

  3. Childhood vaccination numbers in California crash 40% during lockdown - https://edsource.org/2020/california-immunization-rates-drop-40-percent-during-pandemic/633594