Thursday, August 20, 2020

Elizabeth Warren Signals the Marxist BLM Movement During Her DNC Speech

Children's toy letters spelled out “BLM” behind Elizabeth Warren while she was delivering her  Democratic National Convention speech from a child care center.

See: Some Background on the Black Lives Matter Organization



  1. BLM letter blocks to create illusion of support-check
    American flag to create illusion of patriotism-check
    Rainbow of colors in background to create illusion of diversity- check
    Drawing of a person of color to create illusion of racial inclusiveness-check
    Filmed in a child care center to create illusion of caring-check
    Subltle as a sledgehammer. Nothing by accident in this scene

  2. The Roots of BLM

    HT Charles Burris

  3. Her childish props are consistent with her childish ideas. Why don't they just nominate Greta Thunberg as their candidate?

    1. Thats disturbing and hilarious all at the same time

  4. BLM - Blacks Love Murder, Burning Looting, and Murder