Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Black Men, Police, Civilization and Situational Awareness

I want to start this post by making clear I am no fan of government police.

In my ideal world, private police forces would exist which would completely change the structure of police agencies and the way they react to situations. I explain how these agencies would operate in a PPS in my book, Foundations of Private Property Society Theory: Anarchism for the Civilized Person.

That said, we are far from a PPS.

I bring all this up because a copper, this time in Kenosha, Wisconsin, plugged a black man with seven bullets.


Now apparently, the shooting victim Jacob Blake had just broken up a fight between two females and the police were either called to the scene or happened upon it.

This is where situational awareness comes in, like it or not.

Coppers in almost all cases have the upper hand. They are wearing bulletproof vests and carry a mini-arsenal on their police issued belts, and reinforcements with sirens blaring are only an "officer needs help" radio call away.

If a copper comes on a scene, it is almost always (like 99.96%) of the time best to attempt to deescalate the situation, to be compliant with officer demands as to where he wants you to stand and what he wants you to do with your hands.

Note: It is different if it is clear you are not a physical threat to the officer, he knows it and you are arguing constitutional "rights".

But if the copper is not sure that you are not a threat, DEESCALATE.

This is just sound situational awareness.

In all the videos I have seen of late of black men being shot (or killed in some fashion) by police that have brought about protests, the black men have shown some type of resistance.

This is just not bright. The actions the coppers may have taken in these situations may have been sometimes correct and at other times not correct but situational awareness would tell you resistance is a very bad move---if living is high on your value scale.

In the case of Blake, a reasonable inference might be that he just wanted to get out of there and not deal with coppers (for whatever reason). He had done nothing wrong and had just broken up a fight between two females. He was a good samaritan if initial reports are accurate. But when you have coppers arriving on a scene and they have guns pointed at you, it is very bad situational awareness to not comply with their orders.

When he attempted to get into the car, the reasonable assumption is that he just wanted to get away from the scene.

But the coppers probably did not know what his role was in the scuffle and he was not complying. They would have seen, justifiably or not, that he was getting into a potentially dangerous weapon, the automobile. So one copper plugged him--seven times.

If Black Lives Matter was serious about saving black lives, they would call for a stop to the destruction of private property that has nothing to do with the police actions and teach black men (and women) about situational awareness.

Comply with coppers in such situations but any blacks (and whites if they want) passing by should pull out their cell phones and record every step of the police action.

This is the civilized thing to do, but as trained Marxists, the BLM organizers don't want civilized reactions. They want riots.

This is all in the hands of black men (and the occasional black women) to be aware of the situation and bring civility to the forefront even when dealing with bad actor cops, or alternatively show resistance which means you will be playing copper roulette and BLM activists will burn buildings in your name if you are shot dead.

But beyond this, there needs to be a bigger battle against the state and central planning and in the direction of freedom and civility. The state has kept many black men from learning this lesson but they should start thinking about it, it is the only way to freedom and a better life.

Freedom and civility matter.


UPDATE: Details Emerge on the Jacob Blake Shooting: Further Lessons on the Civilized Life


  1. Blake was/is an idiot. It doesn't matter what he was doing...if a cop tells you to stop? You stop. Not because it's a nice thing to do. But because it is an utterly moronic thing not to do.
    And that they shot him 7 times is irrelevant. If he is shot only once, does that make it better? Nope - 1 bullet can kill as easily as 7.
    Blake was (I assume), told to stop by police. He didn't. He got in a vehicle (and could have been reaching for a weapon) and disregarded police orders - so he was shot.
    Until I see evidence to the contrary...it was Blake's own fault.

    1. This is just bad reasoning. We don't lay the fault at Blake's feet because he disregarded an order. In order to be "at fault," Blake would have had to be responsible for the police having shot him. From what we know, no libertarian could argue that Blake is responsible for having been shot (did he aggress against the police? did he aggress against the bullets?)

      You must have misspoke.

    2. Actually yes, he did aggress against the police. There is another video from the other side of the vehicle showing him getting into it with them.

    3. The Idiocracy is real and stupid enough to start dieing! This idiot played stupid games and got killed because of it.

      One less idiot is never a bad thing.

    4. I did not 'misspoke'. You misread - you chose to believe something that I did not even say. I did not say it was Blake's moral responsibility or legal responsibility to stop. I am talking about common sense...the law of the street. Only a complete moron walks away from an armed, government official who orders you to stop.
      You don't walk up to an alligator and try and pet it. You don't try and hug a hungry, grizzly bear. You don't leave your wallet on a crowded subway and expect to find it an hour later.
      And you don't walk away from an armed cop when he/she tells you to 'halt'.
      That is just beyond stupid.
      And - right or wrong - you get what you deserve if you act like an idiot. And Blake got what he deserved - even if he did nothing wrong.

  2. The most reasonable assumption is that Blake had something in his person’s that he did not want to be the found during a pat down. He’s not an idiot per se, but he allowed himself to get distracted.

    1. Unowned, another reasonable assumption is he panicked and his "fight or flight reflex" kicked in. Panicking when confronted by these thugs is understandable. Michael, http://www.TheREBT.life.

  3. Just like George Floyd, there is a second video which sheds more light on this. In it, apparently they tried to wrestle Blake to the ground and taser him but he fought back and escaped.

    I'm not exonerating the police. Never been a fan. But like all of these recent cases, half the information is shown to keep the public in a constant state of fear and disgust.

    David B.

    1. Please supply link to second video which sheds more light

    2. Found it https://youtu.be/l1uv7DU8Q2Y

    3. Thanks for the link.
      Never pass judgement until you are SURE you have ALL the facts.

  4. He may also have had a feeling of invincibility, knowing that the political and social climate would cause the cops to hesitate to apply deadly force.

  5. "When he attempted to get into the car, the reasonable assumption is that he just wanted to get away from the scene."

    That may be true because he had/has an active warrant for domestic violence and a lengthy rap sheet with violent crimes.

    More likely he was reaching for a weapon because another video shows him fighting with the police.

  6. An alternative outcome