Friday, August 14, 2020

Black Lives Matter Mob Demands White People Move Out of Homes and Leave Them for Black People (VIDEO)

Things are getting absolutely insane.

 A Black Lives Matter mob held a rally in a gentrified neighborhood in Seattle on Wednesday where they demanded that white people leave their homes and give them to black people, reports Gateway Pundit.

These people have no understanding of how the gentrified housing developed in the area and what it takes to entice builders to build properties.

It is all about the take---and eventual destruction--by these clueless masses.

This is the blowback you get from government-run public schools where there is zero education and certainly not any mention of how free markets work.

I have discussed gentrification and why it is good for all here: What the Gentrification Haters Don't Get.



  1. If that turnover happened the neighborhoods would look like slums very quickly.

  2. The funny part is that the whites in the gentrified neighborhood are highly likely to be BLM supporters. :)

    David B

  3. Interesting use of the term “historically”.
    So historically, as far back as....? that was a black neighborhood? Blacks owned the land the white people are on? Who owned it before his ancient fathers owned it? 😂

  4. The concept of gentrification seems well beyond the people in these crowds. They don't seem to have a basic understanding of right and wrong. Their idea of justice is to steal. At best to steal from those they believe are thieves. But their limited understanding seems to be that if there are enough people to simply accuse another of theft that is all the proof needed. Might makes right by the dictatorship of democracy. Isn't that what is taught in K - 12 public schools? America is a lets vote ourselves some benefits. They've certainly seen the politicians, bureaucrats and corporate cronies do it often enough. This may simply be democratic street justice.

  5. I wonder when this guy and gal are going to 'black' owned homes and telling them to get out and give their homes to Native Americans?

  6. Guess what Idiocrat BLM ... the world doesnt owe you )&it, get over it.

  7. I was in an argument the other day on this very subject with a clueless graduate student. They oppose gentrification with a passion as being unjust and the exploitation of people who lived there, but at the same time they support the forced expansion of "low-income housing" (Section-8 housing) into the suburbs. On the one hand, people don't have a right to purchase housing in "their" urban neighborhoods, but on the other hand, welfare recipients have a right to live on seized/subsidized suburban property. And they don't see the hypocrisy.

  8. What is the big problem with gentrification? Government increases the taxes of people who bought when it was cheap. This drives them out of the neighborhood.

    But they don't see the government as the problem but instead blame the people who make things nicer and more desirable. If it wasn't for government the people who bought cheap would essentially get free money should they decide to sell. Without needing to do anything with their property the values would rise. The problem is government decides to tax them more and more eating up those profits over the course of years and they are eventually forced to sell.

    Government is the thief, not people who move in and fix up stuff.