Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Biden Picks Kamala Harris To Be His Vice Presidential Running Mate

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has announced California Sen. Kamala Harris as his vice presidential running mate for the 2020 election.
She is terrible on all issues but she is not a radical leftist. She is a Clinton-style crony who wants to loot America rather than kill Western Civilization.




  1. This pick seems designed to please wealthy white liberals that want to feel morally righteous, but secretly are a little worried about those blacks running around looting.

    Safe pick.

    Trump will win easily.


  2. I wonder how this will fly with the defund the police folks?

  3. Of course, Biden didn't pick anyone. Harris was selected for him.

  4. You are probably correct. It's better to have an opportunist than an ideologue. But this DNC card seems weak as hell. As JB said, "defund the police" was a legit talking point. The VP is now a cop. The society destroying Marxists will not accept this. Even more so than 2016. And we know being member of 'x' group isn't enough. They eat themselves all the time.

    After the announcement I started watching clips of Tulsi roasting the pig. I disagree with Tulsi Gabbard on almost everything. But the fact that she was never an option for the DNC establishment tells you everything you need to know. She checks all their boxes. But she is marginally anti-war so she is off the table. They will hold onto their empire kicking and screaming. Black lives matter. But first we must bomb brown people with our remote control airplanes.