Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Biden Loses It When Asked If He's Taken a Cognitive Test

Also interesting, as the host points out at the end, it does seem as though Biden indicated that he is willing to debate President Trump.



  1. I hope there are debates, I think I would actually watch them, cause they will be a riot. Lew and Tom might even look forward to them to discuss on Toms show.
    Sleepy Joe and the Big Cheeto.

    1. I am with you Joshua. Would be the first debate I have ever watched without Ron Paul on stage.


  2. Nothing encapsulates 2020 more than Sleepy Joe the Big Cheeto. I am adopting that Joshua thank you immensely

  3. In "White Heat" and "20,000 years in Sing Sing" there are scenes showing intelligence tests for incoming prisoners. Things like putting shaped blocks into their corresponding holes. I'd like to see Biden and practically all politicians take them.